Modification Tips

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Modification Tips

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Looking to do some modifications to a device (Chinese / DH Gate). I've done simple modding in the past by soldering - I've used a special solder for stainless use and also use map-gas (hotter than propane), the best I know for soldering. Anyway, it's worked, but usually only after several tries and it diminishes the stainless finish - usually darkens it a bit.

I have exactly zero experience welding. I looked at some spark boxes at Harbor Freight, and I don't know the difference between flux, arc, mig, tig, etc. welding. Not sure if welding is the way to go or not anyway.

For those of you that have experience with this, what suggestions may you have?

Thx in advance.
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Re: Modification Tips

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The type of welding that applied here is TIG welding. It is arguably the hardest to learn. All the modern arc welding systems (stick, Mig, & Tig) shield the weld puddle with an inert gas to keep oxygen and carbon out of the weld. Oxy-acetylene Places both directly at the weld causing the discoloration and carbonization of the weld. You can check with your local Vo tech school and see if they have a welding class. If I may point out that the most expensive custom device costs much less than the $4,000 plus that I have invested in Tig welding equipment. Certainly, I weld more than just toys and Tig was my chosen method of welding before we discovered chastity. After learning to weld aluminum, Steel and stainless steel come fairly easily.
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