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Uncut and Struggling

Posted: Sat Apr 28, 2018 1:16 pm
by squoink
Hi all,
I am uncut and have a Steelworkxx Revenge and I need a solution to the pinching that occurs. I've tried putting bits of cotton wool into end of cage or covering end with cloth etc. Both these 'solutions' are a pain when it comes to urinating and also spoil the aesthetics just a bit!
Any ingenious ideas out there? I've tried searching the forum but keep hitting unintended 'spam' pages?

Because of these difficulties I've considered a Looker 02 from Steelworkxx
Assuming I'm NOT using the urethral insert, does anyone have an idea how urinating will be in this. I don't mind sitting down but it seems the flow won't be very quick and could get messy. Also, the foreskin would potentially be in contact with the pissy inside of the cage? Maybe thoroughly clean with cotton buds each time?

I don't like the idea of a urethral insert but would a very short one (10-15mm) bypass my anticipated problems above.

Anyway, bit of a newbie so thanks in advance for any advice


Re: Uncut and Struggling

Posted: Sat May 26, 2018 11:08 am
by Schnoff
Would the Looker02 help? It's another open design. I'm assuming the pinching is because the design is on open cage.

Maybe a closed design fits better. Or a Tube Jacket?

As for search - the forum's search function got hacked a good long while back. Thumper is amenable to fixing the forum, he just has other priorities. If / when he works with me on DB export and DNS move, I intend to fix search, enable https, have a like button, and have GDPR-compliant consent language. By, frankly, moving it all into an AWS instance. None of that is difficult, it'll just be time-consuming because it relies on Thump's access to the backend, and he really has other things on his mind that take priority.