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Hello/Device Types

Post by Olliea86 » Sat Nov 18, 2017 3:39 pm

Hi everyone,

My hubby and I are 30 and 29 respectively. We have been together 3 years. All though he wasn’t up for it initially we agreed to introduce chastity into our relation. As yet we have not used a cage or device and it has been based more on will power and trust. But know we are looking at purchasing our first cage. The problem we have is that hubby is a triathlete, meaning he is frequently in swimmers or other Lycra gear. Is anyone aware of any cages that are discrete enough to wear under swimmers or cycle gear for example? It will be hard to make chastity work if he has to remove cage to train every day.

Thanks for your help.
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Re: Hello/Device Types

Post by TwistedMister » Sun Nov 19, 2017 7:38 am

Welcome to the forum.

There are some cages which are quite small and discrete, though hubby will likely *imagine* that everyone can see it and will know he is wearing it whether it is actually visible or not. (Even after many years, *I* still feel like everyone can see it, even though I know they can't.)

However, it may take some 'breaking-in' before hubby can wear a device full-time while training, especially if he is lifting weights. I have done strenuous activity and found that it is very important that the base ring not be too large- a testicle popping through the ring while lifting something heavy is not exactly a pleasant experience.

There are some guys here who are into athletic type things who may be able to provide further guidance.

On another not, I (and probably some others) am curious to know how it came about that you chose to suggest and convince hubby to give it a try.
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Re: Hello/Device Types

Post by wishful4 » Sun Nov 19, 2017 8:45 am

It's always nice to welcome another KeyHolder to the forum. With regard to your question, IMO most devices would be quite noticeable under tight swimwear or workout attire or at the very least the lock would. My suggestion would be to get the sizing rings from Mature Metal and determine his sizing, then determine what "off the shelf" devices may be out there that match his size requirements. Your guy won't be able to wear any device continuously at first. He will have to get used to wearing it and get passed the chaffing and other issues that plague new users. If you stay engaged and encourage him to work through it, it will reward both of you.

Also, don't forget to request entry to the KeyHolder Only area of the forum from the moderator. You user name will change color when you are approved. I think it is great that younger women are exploring the benefits of male chastity on their own and would also be interested in your journey of discovery. Welcome to the forum!
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Re: Hello/Device Types

Post by Tullyboy » Sun Nov 19, 2017 8:47 am

Welcome! I’m also a tri-guy. We’re fairly new to chastity, so still experimenting ourselves, but I have a few experiences that I can share with you. First, stationary biking isn’t a problem for me but I haven’t tried wearing on the road yet. Just tried swimming last night and didn’t have a problem.

Running. That’s where I’ve had big problems. I just haven’t found anything ideal yet. I’ve tried constricting underwear and loose and a jockstrap. It’s just tough at longer distances and it hurts my testicles. Sprints haven’t been as big a problem.

Not in triathlon, but I try skiing on Tuesday and maybe basketball Wednesday. My wife has said that I may be unlocked for either of those if I wish. We have a deal, that if I’m training or doing something intense, I may unlocked with the condition that there is no funny business. Since you’re already doing trust chastity, this may work well for you, too. There’s no shame in being unlocked for an hour to run, or go to a doctor appointment or whatever. Maybe make the deal that he needs to put it back on in the shower.

Have fun being keyholder. If you mention it to Tom (the Mod), he can give you access to the keyholder’s forum.
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Jon Descer
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Re: Hello/Device Types

Post by Jon Descer » Sun Nov 19, 2017 11:31 am

Just throwing this out there; there are a number of devices that just cover the head of the penis and lock through a piercing. They are much smaller and lighter, easier to hide, with far fewer potential issues with chaffing and the like. They wouldn't provide the tightness that a lot of guys like in the ball-trap devices, but they would still be a constant reminder of his chastity, and do make it at least a little bit harder to "cheat". There are also some that lock through the piercing but instead cover the shaft, with the idea being that they are tight enough to make erections uncomfortable (but not painful) and therefore discouraging funny business. Of course, he has to get pierced, which is a big problem for a lot of guys, although I found it to be not that bad myself, not much worse than an injection. He just has to miss a few days of work out while the bleeding stops (so time it for a holiday where he probably won't be doing that anyway).

Frankly, though, it's probably not too difficult to simply unlock him before he gets dressed to go train, and then have him lock back up afterwards. I'd gather that's the time he is least likely to fool around, because he's busy; it's when we are enjoying leisure time that we men get tempted by our junk. I would just not get the CB-6000 or anything like it, only because there are more bits and pieces and it's more of a pain to get on, and if you're doing it every day, it'll get old.
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Re: Hello/Device Types

Post by Locked by LRC » Sun Nov 19, 2017 4:04 pm

Welcome to the Forum Olliea86. I'd like to give you another way to consider.

When you're new to chastity almost everyone thinks it HAS to be a 24/7 deal, it doesn't. What many learn is they have chastity be what works for them. Some here take the devices off for sleeping, some go with cycles of off and on for days.

You have already stated you have been trying chastity with the honor system. With this information I would suggest an agreement with no chastity device when his activity is happening. You could unlock him and remove the device just as he's leaving for his activity. When he returns, he must immediately provide an erection, provided by you or him, as proof of his chastity while away. Perhaps an edging session would be in order here. When this has been accomplished, then put the chastity device back on.

My point here, again, don't think there's a wrong way for chastity. It's whatever works for both of you to enjoy. The only right way is for both of you to enjoy your chastity relationship.
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Re: Hello/Device Types

Post by Tom Allen » Mon Nov 20, 2017 12:04 pm

First, welcome.

Second, I know I'm going to get a ration for saying this, but after something like fifteen years playing around with chastity device, I've come to the conclusion that there are some activities for which simply removing the device for a couple of hours is actually the best (i.e., safest and move comfortable) solution.

I don't Tri, but I enjoy long distance road cycling, and I have done some running, and IMO, any trapped ball device is going to show up with the lycra - even the padded cycling shorts. Also, why even risk the chafing or getting hurt in a fall?

The upshot is that, while the idea of using a chastity device is pretty hot, in reality, just taking the damn thing off for a couple of hours might be easier. Even the notorious Sarah Jameson would remove Jon's device for the couple or hours he was out road cycling.

I wrote a blog post on this a while back with a better explanation:
https://vanillaedge.wordpress.com/2014/ ... restraint/
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Re: Hello/Device Types

Post by jfenoffti » Wed Nov 22, 2017 12:40 pm

I've had good experience with a HTv2s under my riding shorts and a 'regular' (non-speedo type) swim suit. If you swim and ride in the same shorts, I'd think it would be just fine. Running in running shorts (not the tight riding/swim shorts) has been good too. The HTv2s is so light that it wasn't a problem.
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Re: Hello/Device Types

Post by sirmebane » Fri Nov 24, 2017 5:13 pm

I'm not into Tri but I run and have run some longer distances. My metal cage has no impact on me and I'm not aware it is even there while running. I would request that distances beyond about 7 miles that it might be removed and during competition it would come off so there isn't an issue that cannot be resolved on the road.

I have seen many, many cyclists claim that riding caged is painful, uncomfortable or just impractical but I have no personal experience there.

I don't swim in competition but never had an issue in the water with a cage whether for distance or fun.

The important thing is to talk about what works and what needs to be accommodated, some of that may require multiple discussions while he figures it out. Tom gives good advice, sometimes just take it off.

I think everyone here would echo that he should be strictly and unmercifully put back in the cage when he's done. This is about control and he craves your control.
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