Stainless " HT2"

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Stainless " HT2"

Post by QuothTheRaven » Fri Sep 09, 2016 9:56 am

The cage arrived this morning. It is in every way a copy of the HT2 short. Even the locks are interchangeable. Except for one sharp bump to one side of the slit inside, I might have been able to wear the device as it arrived. But I've always smoothed any flaws and round edges on a new device, even on the resin HT2, and I did it on this one too before cleaning and "installing".

It is heavy - approximately 11 ounces. That doesn't bother me because I always wear briefs (stretchy, not tighty whities). That, and I have been wearing a stainless cast cage in one form or another, and an A077 device since last November. Now that I have it on, it doesn't feel overly heavy. My opinion is that you need at least 36-48 hours in a device before you can say how it feels, so will stop short of saying "Its great!" But having had an HT2 for a couple of years that I wear often, and find it to be very comfortable, I don't expect any problems with this one.

The finish on the exterior needed to be sanded and buffed, and I'll likely go at it more at some point to bring it up to a mirror finish. I've always liked the resin HT2, but having it in shiny stainless is SO cool! I only have the stock photo because I wanted to put it on as soon as I was done polishing and cleaning. :oops: An actual photo will have to wait until I get to take it off again.

Update -
Its now been three days since I got the cage and installed it. I love it. It has the comfort advantages of the HT2, but in stainless instead of resin. The weight doesn't bother me - I rather like it! Wearing underwear that supports it helps, but I've never liked boxers anyway, so no change there.

I had a chance to do some comparing and measuring. The cage fits the resin rings and vise-versa - completely interchangeable. The ID and the length of the sheath are the same for both this and the resin ones.

Am I bothered that there are now identical knock-offs? I don't know. HT never made these in steel, and it appears that they may not have patented the device. I might have considered it if they did make it in steel, but they haven't to date.

You'll find them in both the short and long versions on eBay and DH Gate. The short is an A256, the long A257.

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