Chastity device you can tuck with...

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Chastity device you can tuck with...

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Hi Guys!

So i've been on the prowl for a chastity device that's tuckable. My partner and I are into feminization, and quite often when wearing a chastity device (even the CB's) it can be quite noticeable. Now the Cb can to a certain extent be tucked between the legs, but then this makes it difficult to sit (as recently experienced), and after some time, the ball stretch to a point where the device has been tucked so much that the top ring actually bends past the penis, allowing easy escape/access.

Aside from the neosteel feminization chastity is anyone aware of any chastity devices that may lend themselves well to the above scenario?
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Re: Chastity device you can tuck with...

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I don't know many trapped ball devices that would easily tuck - I mean you can tuck them but your best bet might be a full belt that does that on it's own.

Maybe the boys here have a better idea?
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Re: Chastity device you can tuck with...

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There is a European maker called red chili that make a ball top designed for a low profile. I don't have any experience of their products but I m curious about some of their other models
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