Newbie looking for advice

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Newbie looking for advice

Post by sirmebane »

Very interested and motivated to give this a try but I need to learn more about the hardware.

I know that silicone and plastic aren't ideal based on what I have read. I'm looking for weeks, not years of wear and I don't have a budget for $400 to buy the perfect device.

I am not particularly well endowed, I exercise regularly and I have a professional job if any of that helps.

I am concerned about running distances since I am up before my wife and can be gone for 2.5 hours for some runs. Maybe removing it is the better option on those days despite the fantasy.

I am looking for a device which does not protrude, comfortable for the active and reasonably secure without taking out a mortgage.

What are your suggestions? Where do I start? Help me educate myself.

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Re: Newbie looking for advice

Post by GoddessRhea »

I suggest you browse Ebay for some cheap devices. They won't be custom fit, but they're affordable and will allow you to get a feel for what sort of devices you like. They sell knock-offs of basically every design up there, so there's a large variety.

I would suggest looking for solid base rings because the hinged ones pinch a lot of people, and with your regular exercise I think you're more likely to get pinched.

Exercising in them may not be the easiest thing in the world without a custom device, though, because you're likely to experience more slipping. I have heard that many people can exercise in Holytrainers and CB devices without much problem though.

Narcissus (my partner) wears a metal device and exercises in it, and it's not custom. So it's possible, but I think it'd be tricky with running.

Hope that helps some.
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Re: Newbie looking for advice

Post by wishful4 »

Welcome to the forum. My recommendation would be to use the search function at the top right of this page to find discussions on all the topics you are interested in. We have folks here that exercise, cycle, work, and many other things while wearing. Doesn't mean it will work for you, but maybe it will give you a little insight.
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Re: Newbie looking for advice

Post by coffee2sugars »

Might be a idea to look at reviews for the holy trainer 1 & 2.

I myself have never used one but they seem to get a lot of praise for there comfort from people who have fairly active and physical jobs.
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