new timing

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new timing

Post by kata »

when my key holder locks me up it is usually for a set period of time, be it 2 weeks – 6 weeks, I say 6 weeks as this is my longest period of chastity with out release. Or I am locked up and given a release date, a public holiday or the end of the month etc.
This time I was told by my KH to shower, shave and lockup, I will be release when my pubic hair has grown back to 1 inch in length. I have no idea how long that will take I am guessing 2-3 months.

Is this a new way to time chastity??? Has anyone had this idea of lockdown before???
Does anyone know of a hair fertilizer???? :D
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Re: new timing

Post by thumper »

That's a new one on me. Never heard of hair as the determining factor.

According to the the Googles, hair grows at about a half inch a month, though that's going to vary based on the person and the time of year. Sounds like you're looking at at least two months...
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Re: new timing

Post by novamc »

How about an update! It occurs to me that your KH could mess with you by doing a little grooming along your journey. Either have you do it or do it herself while you're sleeping.
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