"Hello world" thread

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Re: "Hello world" thread

Post by jmac32here »

God, I feel like such a noob now.

Well, hello forums. I may the the quiet lil kitten in the corner - writing code - cuz well, it's been a past time of mine since I was little.

So yea, other than being a little nerdy furry "kitty" that just so happens to enjoy working on a few websites here and there... I am a gentleman in the low 30's.

I found this place after deciding to to a "long term with provisions" chastity setup on one of my own sites, and felt I could poke my head in and take a look around at least.

So yes, I do long term chastity, let others be my key holder remotely, and felt I could get along with others into chastity.

So, hi there...
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Re: "Hello world" thread

Post by onwed_cuck_at »


I am Martin from Vienna.
I am thinking about chastity devices about 2 years.
I've started with a CB, then a Birdlocked, then a holytrainer2.

Now I am looking for a custom fit model - happy for any suggestuions....

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Re: "Hello world" thread

Post by Cboi »

Hi everyone. I'm Sam from Belgium. I've had submissive feelings from even before I became sexually active. In my early relationship I asked my girlfriends to facecit, take control in the bed,...

Since I've discovered chastity cages, I see how they can take control outside the bed also, which excites me a lot. I've been a long time lurker, but I decided to register so I can participate.
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Re: "Hello world" thread

Post by likeitlocked »

Hi everyone. I am a European in my late fities with a very vanilla wife. After much surfing on tumblr sites and getting ever more excited about wearing a chastity cage I bought one a few weeks ago. Last week with a bouncing heart I introduced it to my wife. And now the journey has started.
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Re: "Hello world" thread

Post by cuyahoga »

Likeitlocked - welcome to the forums.
I, for one (and I bet I'm not alone), would love to hear how you presented it, and how it was received.
But of course, only share what you're comfortable with...
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Re: "Hello world" thread

Post by EFKnight »

Well read, but little first person experience with this.
Also single right now, which will limit the experience, until I find the right keyholder.
CB6000s owner, interested in DreamLover 2000 and FLR lifestyle.
I may lurk for a bit, but I'll pop in with questions and comments.
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Re: "Hello world" thread

Post by tourist1300 »

Amir here. From Iraq. tested chastity a few times, have a couple of devices but my current partner does not know about this fetish YET. going to tell her in a couple of weeks... to see if we click
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Re: "Hello world" thread

Post by locked4her55 »

Welcome EFKnight & tourist1300 to the Forums and introducing yourself.
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"Hello world" thread

Post by Femmesboy »

Hello all!!

I have been self locking for about 6 months now and am wanting to try to get my wife involved
As my KH. I've mentioned it a couple of times I'm passing after sex and she always says something to the effect of "you're 40 years old, You should have enough self control to not orgasm without hardware" It's slow going and a bit frustrating, I think she would be more open with help from "outside" especially a female that was truly vanilla and has "changed". One that can speak her language with shared concerns!??! Of that makes sense; so if anyone has any ideas.... I read somewhere on here there was a "hidden thread" for beginners ???

Thank you for any guidence
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Re: "Hello world" thread

Post by TwistedMister »

Welcome to the forum. The 'hidden forum' is the Keyholder forum- your wife would have to join and she would be granted access to that forum after we determine that she *is*, in fact, your Keyholder. However, if she is as negative as you seem to describe, it seems unlikely that she would do so.
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