Cages with urethral tube

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Re: Cages with urethral tube

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About as long as a piece of string … give or take a week or three.
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Re: Cages with urethral tube

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I'm not an expert but I think it will take a while depending on how much larger you want. I'd use a bacterialstatic lube. Slide in the dilator until you are snug and then press firmly until it pops in another increment. This could take 5-10 minutes or more so be patient. There may be a little blood. Repeat daily until the dilator goes in easily to the larger step. Then keep repeating until you reach your goal. Most of the urethra is very stretchy. It's just the tight ring near the tip that needs stretching.
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Mr Pickle
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Re: Cages with urethral tube

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Using rods daily about two weeks.
Using plugs that ar in permanently a few days.
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