Thank you for a place to "talk."

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Thank you for a place to "talk."

Post by bobolink »

I just wanted to thank everyone that has made this site possible. It is so nice to have someplace to discuss chastity without going to extreme. While I can easily accept that I am submissive by nature, I don't see myself as a cuckold or a sissy. No judgement on those that embrace that mindset. I find stories and memes surrounding these fetishes a bit titillating. But, I don't put myself in that role.

It is refreshing to have a place to discuss chastity as the main emphasis without requiring anything else. CF provides a place to opening explore, discuss, and express thoughts and ideas relating to chastity. It can be a desire, a kink, or a lifestyle all unto itself.

Thank you for this opportunity.
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Re: Thank you for a place to "talk."

Post by cuyahoga »

I share your appreciation of this space. I especially love the opportunity to “scream into the void” that keeping a journal here offers. It allows me to express the myriad of confusing feelings, without overwhelming my wife as the only person I can talk to about this.

I know people read it, but even if no one did, just writing it all down is really helpful for me, and sometimes going back and reading what I wrote a couple of years ago can be very helpful for where I am now.
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Re: Thank you for a place to "talk."

Post by Xileh »

It is unfortunate that most information about chastity, doesn’t let it stand on its own. Most often it is grouped with other kinks. That this site does not, makes it unique.
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Re: Thank you for a place to "talk."

Post by Tomsub »

I think the forum space allows me to express what it really means to be denied. The consequences are way beyond tbd physical and having a non-judgemental place for that is truly amazing.
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Re: Thank you for a place to "talk."

Post by Michele »

It is pretty fantastic to have this community!

I'm glad you're enjoying it and all of the experience here.
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