Interesting discovery on pull out

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Interesting discovery on pull out

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Got a knock off V4, mostly due to the new style rings, oddly I normally wear a 45 mm ring and these show 47mm is smallest, but the shape is what intrigued me.
I used the 49mm, the third from the bottom, fit nice and snug wider band felt good, I liked it.
Next morning, I tried on the 47mm ring, it appears much smaller in person than any of my 45mm rings, but I wanted to see.
I wiggled into it, it is 47mm across and a little over 30mm on the flat sides. it feels tight but not too tight.
When I got out of shower, normally the boys are at their lowest and longest and easily can pull out of other devices.
Surprisingly I could not pull out of this unit.
I was shocked, I tried several times and yes if I FORCED the issue, I think I could get out of the tube, but I could not do it comfortably at all.
I wore the unit all day at work and a lot of walking, and everything seems fine, flowing correctly no restrictions no strange temperature changes so I'm going to sleep in it tonight and try again tomorrow and see what happens.
Has anyone else found that the shape of the ring can interfere this much with pull out? This is kind of flat on top and bottom, I do like the V4 design BTW.
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Re: Interesting discovery on pull out

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Yup. I've found it makes such a big difference I now design and print my own.
It seems a thicker ring (front to back) can be smaller due to it having a much bigger surface area (less preasure per square inch).
I've made some whoppers lol
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