Just got a hard punch to the balls

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Just got a hard punch to the balls

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I was complaining to my wife that she seldom sexually stimulates me and since that is all I have from sex since I do not get to orgasm ever, I really need something. So she punched me hard in the balls which are still sore 5 minutes after. That is her way of letting me know not to bring up a subject again. Last time she canned my ass till it was bleeding for complaining that she does not punish me anymore. When done she asked me if I wanted to make this a regular thing. I said no.

Her whole idea of chastity is that my orgasms and penis do not exist. She has no need for me sexually and loves me in all other areas. Finds women more sexually arousing and is not a fan of the make form. She was a virgin when I married her. She never saw a nude male adult as there was no internet or cable TV. She never even masturbated or experienced an orgasm till she met me.

It took her awhile before she started fantasizing about sex with women in order to have an orgasm, Just so happens to be the same time we found out that both of us were unable or producing a baby with anyone. Made us popular among those that wanted to try out a threesome with a couple but were concerned about pregnancy. My wife moved in her best friend who luckily had a long time crush on me, and my wife's best sex was with her girlfriend and not me. She loves me. Never dated a girl without me there. Refused to have sex if I did not take part and was very good about letting me have sex with her girlfriend without her in the bedroom with us. My wife did not care and on some nights was glad that thee was someone else to take care of my sexual needs. I have a high sex drive and my wife does not so having another women living with us was a great solution for all of us. No one ever got jealous and most strange of all, we never had an argument with our girlfriend. She knew her place in our poly triad and always made sure my wife was OK with whatever weird fetish I was asking her to try with me.

However I have not penetrated my wife anywhere with anything in over 20 years. We think it may be 30 years. We cannot remember when the last time was because penetrative sex was rare as far back as 40 years between us and oral sex stopped soon after that. My wife uses a vibrator and has for all of our marriage. Life was great. The girls always made sure they took care of me first and did everything I asked them to do. We had sex in ever position we could think of with three people. We explored the yucky fetishes like toilet slave and others. We delved into the very painful and ended up with breath play after my penis was branded with cigarettes. One black circle from each of them is still there and still black.

So I say all this for those who ask why did I stay. I had close to 3,000 FFM threesomes which is one big reason and I could date other women. Plus my wife took very good care of me. After 11 years I am ready to be done with orgasms. I am 71 so not as important to me as they used to be.We managed to overcome my wife's lack of attraction to me sexually unless they are the feminine looking model types she sees on TV. And so Chastity saved our marriage. My wife's lack of sexual attraction to me is a good quality in a key holder. She has no interest in my penis and could care less if I never orgasm again. I do not cheat and have not done so in the last 11 years of chastity. I have gone about 8 months without an orgasm so I think I can get past the need for one.
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Re: Just got a hard punch to the balls

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I would never want to get past the need for orgasms. The needing and wanting makes the not be being allowed to fun. Without the desire, I really would not see the point of being caged.
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