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Journey to adapt a new focus 3×21= 63 day habit changer

Posted: Mon Apr 04, 2022 8:03 am
by Elkeshusband
Me and my wife are on a journey to adapt to each other better intimately. And doing so we're going to do 3 21-day changes while I am in Chasity for each 21 day time frame, with a total of 63 days involved. Currently I have been locked for 19 days just to get accustomed to wearing the device very comfortably and to find one that you can wear for long-term I wear the new version of the Cobra comfort contoured device. I currently want to remove my penis from the ability to barter for sex because in reality that's what all males do. Is anyone else experiencing this type of bartering system that you have with your partner? Please feel free to comment thank you