So , what now ??

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So , what now ??

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Well, a few days ago my wife indicated she was ready for some time together,,Me being caged for 3 weeks I said “ do you want me in the cage or out?” ..”out !!” She says “I want you out “,,
In that tone, it was fairly clear that she was not happy with me and my kink. I figured just get cleaned up and have fun, after all it’s about only having erections and sex with and for her, however whenever she wants it..even though she has totally not gotten there yet..
So, we have burned 28 seconds of my 30 second
fuse..about to explode, she says “STOP”!!
1 second to go., I say “what??”
She says “Stop now”....time up..too late for that..
Something registered in my brain.. why would she say “STOP” ?? She never EVER, says “STOP.”
I stopped, perfectly still, one stroke past a perfect ruined O: came strong like normal kinda almost, and without the finishing after strokes. All of which was a bit of a let down since I always look forward to those. Sort of completes the whole event for me.
I look at her and ask “why say stop? “. ,, “Are you ok?”
She says “Isn’t that what I’m supposed to do??”
Lost in the moment, brain awash in all the stories ..Is it my turn ?? really?? I hesitate,,look side to side, like as if one of you guys are going to be there to coach me on how not to blow this..
Finding no one there to help....
“Yes” I said with my best, most humbled voice. “It was perfect, I was just not in control of myself as I should have been. I will do better to stop on the first “stop” next time..”
she did not answer me. We used her vibrator to get her off as normal, cleaned up and went to bed.
Told her the next day that was really fun, that I enjoyed it a lot.
The whole “STOP” thing has my brain swirling. I want so badly to encourage this but feel I should just let it roll.. any thoughts, I’ve got at least 2 more weeks before we do anything..
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Re: So , what now ??

Post by cuyahoga »

I have found myself in the middle of similar mine fields. My wife would’ve chalked this up as “failure”, even with the encouraging afterwords, and would abandon any further attempts. In my case, I would have to wait through two or three more “encounters”, have those orgasms, and then bring it up away from those events and ask her to try that again. And that conversation would have a 50/50 chance of success.

Over the years, my situation has gotten significantly better, but early on, that would’ve been my necessary moves forward. YMMV.
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