Swollen in tube

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Swollen in tube

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A new one for me, I have two dogs, when I come home they tend to jump up in their excitement to see me again.
Yes I know it's my fault for letting them do it, this afternoon when I got home the bigger one had a pretty good run at me jumping and catching me right in groin.
After some well chosen words went about my business but kept feeling a definite pinching at the very end of the cage.
I sometimes feel it when my jeans seam pass over cage so I ignored it and it continued so I went to do a quick inspection and was shocked at how swollen I was, skin puckering out of all the bars dramatically and quite uncomfortable.
Informed my KH who told me to remove the tube and things got comfortable as soon as it was removed, inspection found possible bruise but head so swollen with deep marks from the bars of the cage couldn't really tell.
Given permission to remain uncage until morning for another inspection but it already feels better so I don't think anything serious but wow what a strange sensation.
Anyone else ever have something like this happen while caged?
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Re: Swollen in tube

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I have sometimes been swollen like that, but unrelated to any injury. In fact, the cage tends to provide some protection against injuries like that. I'm thinking it's just a coincidence.
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