Wrapping ring with material?

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Wrapping ring with material?

Post by Katesboytoy »

Has anyone found a material they can wrap their base ring with that helps with chaffing and irritation? I have a JB from MM, and feel that the ring is the right size, although after a few days or up to a week, I have chaffing and discomfort/irritation. My KH would let me out every other day for a good cleaning and a breather for an hour or 2, which would help me make it to about 3 weeks locked up. But with locktober coming up, she wants me locked up and wants us to get back into the game after we've taken a break from the lifestyle due to a couple unrelated medical issues.

I want to please her and try my hardest to stay locked for her, but the metal base ring just irritates my region after a prolonged period. Do you think wrapping it in a rubber or leather material would help? Or any other material?

I've already gotten adjustments 3 times from MM and think I've found the best fit I can find, but I just want to make this work for her and I both. I hope one day I can figure out a solution to stay locked for her without a release or breather for weeks, if not months. Hoping someone here can help me out with some pointers. Thank you to all.
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Re: Wrapping ring with material?

Post by Lock me »

I don't think rubber or leather is a suitable material. Maybe some silicone based material might work. I discovered that hair was the source of my irritation. You wouldn't think having hair between the ring and your skin would be a problem, but it was for me. Since I started getting the irritated areas waxed, the irritation has gone away
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Re: Wrapping ring with material?

Post by Norcalguy09 »

I used plasti-dip on my ring to help it be the right diameter. Also used a little lube on the underside to help. Seemed to work pretty well.
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Re: Wrapping ring with material?

Post by Critter228 »

I don’t know about wrapping but occasional lotioning definitely helped.
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Re: Wrapping ring with material?

Post by danj »

Critter228 wrote: Thu Sep 30, 2021 8:41 am I don’t know about wrapping but occasional lotioning definitely helped.
This helps alot IMO. I've used Cetaphil Moisturizing Cream for a long time. At the bottom of the ring, keeps me much more comfortable through the night. It seems to eliminate the burning sensation I'd get on my ball sack from nocturnal erections while caged.
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Re: Wrapping ring with material?

Post by WifeIsVanilla »

I put baby oil under the entire base ring after I shower in the morning and before I go to bed to prevent chafing. It works like a charm and is cheaper than most dirt.

As to danj's "burning sensation," his device's gap might be borderline too small. I had unbearable ball burn when I first had my Jail Bird. At Mistress MM's recommendation, I had them widen the gap by a mere 1/16 of an inch. Voila, no more ball burn. Zero, zip; nada. Oh, and they only charged me $10 to do it. Of course, I did have to pay the postage . . . and they had it back to me in less than a week.
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Re: Wrapping ring with material?

Post by Gasyjack »

İ have cb6000s silicone cage. And i am wearing it only daytime fron8.30 to 17.00
Now it started little burn under basering and little in the tube.
So i have tried baby oil and spreyed in the tube and under ring. So it works very well.
But every 3 or 4 hour i should repeat it.

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Re: Wrapping ring with material?

Post by cuddlepuff »

I've been using golf bond extra strength to keep a nice lube feel. Gold bond lasts a long time ON the skin, so it is ideal. The trick, is to get your finger inside the ring to apply it.
Also, feel your underside. You'll notice the skin is bunched up there. Massage the bunching wider, and up the sides. This will help with skin irritation.
Finally... stay away from any and all excitement not given by your KH. Porn, is a no no. It makes things worse. Maybe get some things done around the house instead. Or, read a good book.
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Re: Wrapping ring with material?

Post by TwistedMister »

Silicone lube works for me, and lasts all day. A second application in the evening lasts all night. Just a touch, at the bottom of the ring, not all the way around (unless you enjoy having the ring slide and squeeze your nuts during erection attempts). A little bit applied inside the tube/cage with a cotton swab prevents turtling in the CB-3k, and assists with proper line up for standing urination.
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Re: Wrapping ring with material?

Post by JimR »

I'd try the 2 inch foam type adhesive tape, available in the pharmacy at Wal Mart and others. Sticks well to almost any surface, is reported to be waterproof, and stretches/conforms well to most shapes. Thickness is ~ 1 mm, so this may or may not be an issue, due to reduction in ring size.
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