Farewell and some advice

Living the real life under lock and key
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Farewell and some advice

Post by SteveOD »

I just turned 70 years old. Medical issues, upcoming surgery, etc. has made my almost 12 years or 24/7 lock up come to an end. Reality is often different than fantasy, We took a few weeks break at the end of each year to make sure things still worked. My wife is was my key holder and sex was for her pleasure only.

For all of you single guys out there, a word ofd advice. Make sure that you marry a woman who is sexually kinky or at least willing to try anything sexually. So many men complain about their sex lives online because they are incompatible sexually with their wives. Never think that things will change after marriage. What you see is what you get. If she does not like fetish play or oral, she is to going to like it after you get married either.

When I was 9 years old and asked what I wanted to be when iI grew up, I replied that I wanted to be a playboy. People laughed. This is my real sex life:

My first date was in first grade. I have always had girlfriends. I lost my virginity to a gay friend when I was 13. Back then, being gay had some very serious consequences so I did him a favor. 14 I had Ann 18 year old girlfriend who taught me what real sex was all about. I went to her senior prom and I gained notoriety when some classmates saw her blow me in a movie theater.

Not to brag but to state the facts. I was very good looking and in a private school for gifted students. Women were attracted to me and would talk about me and even show my picture to their friends. I had about 32 girlfriends in just high school alone. Women came easily to me. Said I was sexy and wanted to have sex with me. I was naive and did not realize that they viewed me as they did. Thought it was my sense of humor that attracted them. I never saw myself as women did.

I have been to 21 countries and had sex in a two some and with 5 girls at once. I lived with the son of the richest man in our city and he had orgies once a month with booze and drugs. Lots of sex and three and foursomes. I had sex with a mother daughter team, old ladies, a rich English lady seeking revenge on her cheating husband, female clients, secretaries except for one, secretaries of businesses we dealt with, teen and adult models. I had sex with every one of my wife's, sister's, friend's, girlfriends or wives. I moved 13 times to avoid messy situations in the cities I lived in.

All four of my long term lovers are bisexual and I did not know it until after we were in a relationship. Never had a relationship with a straight girl. I have done all the fetishes you will find on Fetlife, even the yuckier ones. I was dominant until my wife and I formed a poly triad with a long time female friend of ours. This triad lasted 30 year. My wife was submissive but her girlfriend was very sexually dominant and would get wet by sexually torturing me, Name it and she probably did it as my only limit was not to do anything that would require medial attention. However I did require surgery once from a pegging with a very large dlido. My fault, not hers.

I have had over 3,000 threesomes in my life. We went out to dinner and on vacation with two women on my arm and got a lot of looks. Winks form the guys and not so good looks from the women. I made a very good salary and belonged to two private clubs that catered to "different" people like us. We had sex in public places, had the two girls going down on each other while room service set up our table and other things like that for fun. Once my wife dressed like a hooker while in Vegas and almost got kicked out of a Casino when I intervened and had to show proof that she was my wife. My wife walked around naked when room service or the maid was in our hotel room. I fucked her against the floor to ceiling windows in a hotel with all the lights on at night so every one looking could see. Stuff like that,

I was a cuckold and a bull. I was popular because I am sterile so no pregnancy worries for the husband or wife. I was a Dom and a sub. I wanted to sample all aspects of sex. The only thing that I have not done was perform oral on a guy. I even was a toilet slave for two years, There is little I see in porn that we have not done. I write this now for two reasons. The first is that to us, it was just our normal life. The only sex life we knew as adults. We never called ourselves poly or said that the girls are bi even though they certainly are. It was just the life we were accustomed to. The second reason is that my memory is going and as with the rest of my family will end up with Alzheimer's in the near future. MRI's show dead sections of my brain and so it has begun.

I guess the whole point of this is to let you know that you can have it all if you work at getting it and finding the right women So many guys settle for wives just because they get regular vanilla sex. As in all areas of my life, personal, sexual and professional, I did what it took to get what I wanted. I never settled. I am a former jock and decorate combat vet. Very alpha and have to be top dog. Except for sex that is. I am a sexual sub not because I am beta. I am sexually submissive as it releases stress and it is difficult to think about all the things stressing you out when being whipped.

Hopefully, some of you now know that you can have the sex life you want. I have even professionally diagnosed as having a Machiavellian personality. Basically I can get people to do what I want them to do using various methods. Despite scars on my face from fights in my younger days, what I saw as a negative, women found ruggedly handsome. I attracted a lot of submissive women as a result. When I began making serious money and staying in the most expensive hotels in the cities I visited, gold diggers were all over me. Except for a model, I never took those hotel women up on their offers. My main client owned a well known lingerie store whose models are seen in print and on TV, so I knew a few of them and one thing led to another. The teen model was on the cover of 17 Magazine and had sex with her in college when she was 18, I even had an 84 year old lady give me her room key. I had a client ask me to give her my opinion on the lingerie she bought that day and a few others invited me to their houses lit by candles and wearing sexy clothes.

I have to admit that I have had a great life. Money was never a problem and the chicks were free. I an die tomorrow with no regrets, I saw and did everything I wanted to do and see and now am just waiting for the end.

To be honest, I would not do orgasm denial in my younger days as my goal was to have as many orgasms as possible. A typical day might be having sex with a girlfriend at lunch, going home for our nighty threesome and then having sex with each of the two girls one on one. Viagra was a lifesaver for me. I only found attractive in my old age after we moved away from our girlfriend. Keep frosty and good luck.
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Re: Farewell and some advice

Post by Homebody »

Thank you for sharing so much of your story. Good luck in the future.
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Re: Farewell and some advice

Post by Chastityat60 »

I am over 60, married for 37 years to the same wonderfully vanilla wife. Never did ANY of the things you have done. Was always awkward with myself and girls. In junior high, was unexpectedly and unwantingly fondled in the night at a sleepover by my “friend”.. was sexually abused by older boys from my high school at a summer camp owned by a certain scouting organization.. I was terribly embarrassed as word of it got around school ,,grew ashamed of myself and my awkward now fighting rebellious life as my father scolded me for letting these things happen to me.
Served in the armed forces, married,Life got hard, so I worked,, and worked my life away. My kids grew up without their dad as I scraped all I could to provide for them.
But the one thing that I can hold onto is my faith in God. I believe that even through the abuses and filthy worthlessness I feel like often , that there is hope for me in eternity. . Through faith in the Lord Jesus.
I’m not a preacher,, I’m not even a very good Christian, ... I don’t need to be.. I acknowledged my need for a savior, Jesus accepted me as I am. Broken and unworthy.
I still work hard, kids are gone, wife is still vanilla.,, but I can live a life knowing that whenever I die, there is a place for me in heaven..pretty sure they don’t do chastity there lol
For all the crazy stuff we do in this life, even this kink of chastity., I only encourage you and others , to find that quiet place and while you still have your right mind, (if you haven’t already done so ) take a minute to put your faith in Jesus. Ask him to forgive you of your sin , which we all are sinners ....(there is no such thing as greater or lesser sinner)
According to the Bible,, he will forgive us, and on that day ,,welcome us home. Just a word of encouragement from a fellow sinner.
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