What age did you start...

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Re: What age did you start...

Post by likes2blocked » Fri Jan 28, 2011 12:22 pm

I've found T&D erotic since I was very young, and tried to get my first wife to do a bit of it, and that didn't work out - she's much more of a bottom than a top. Roughly 20 years ago (I'm 50 now), I'd found various leather and metal devices meant for D&S scenes - you couldn't wear one long term, and don't think I tried.

Then I think I was on a business trip, and was searching around the web to 'amuse' myself, and stumbled on the CB-2000 site, which led me to Altairboy, a now-defunct chastity forum, etc. Went home, showed the site to my wife, asked if she thought it might be fun to play with, she got a bit of a gleam in her eye, and we got a Curve. The CB-3000 wasn't out yet, so this must have been 2004.

We played off and on with the Curve, but that's just really too big to work out well - doesn't fit in pants, some issues there. And the original hinge system was bad. So we moved to the CB-3000. Since then, we've played off and on, couple months here and there.

Then this last July, we seem to have turned a corner, and I've been locked up since with only 3 periods where I was allowed to orgasm. Bit odd - really starting to feel normal - of course I should be locked up.
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Re: What age did you start...

Post by Tom Allen » Fri Jan 28, 2011 2:30 pm

Shane67 wrote:where are all the early twenty-somethings? Where are all the 20 year old Shanes and Davids and Johns of the world? When I was 20 year old, I was all over the dial-up BBS (Bulletin Board Systems). If I was 20 today, I'd be all over this forum.
They're all on Reddit.com. 8-)
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Re: What age did you start...

Post by GracesWickedHubby » Wed Apr 13, 2011 1:09 pm

Like mikecb, I started young. I would use "sports tape" to completely enclose my genitals and go to school. I would usually come home, rip the tape off and wank like a possessed teenage boy (oh wait). Read a mainstream novel where some amazom women kept males with penectomies as their playthings and was totally obsessed with being completely at the mercy of a woman with no thought on my pleasure or orgasm. That was all in the late 80s.

Enter the interWebz... started looking at BDSM porn about as soon as the Web went online. The only images back then were females in tollyboys. Occassionally chastity would be in online fiction, but it mostly seemed unrealistic. One of the first stories I read with real oomph was a guy in a belt for a year for his mistress. She gets him to beg to be taken with a strapon, eventually completes the year (a week before or after her bday). Anyway she disolves the week in acid and solders in the lock. I was hooked.

I went online (around maybe 2002 or 3), ordered a cb2k. Tried to get the GF into it, but her thought was "if I really loved her, I wouldn't need a device to control my impulses". Anyway, over the years, she played occasionally, but only for a few days at a time. And always due to my begging and pleading. She never got into and always tried to make sure it was an unpleasant experience for me,to dissuade me. Sadly, I was such a pathetic puppy dog back then, I married her. 3 years, the last 18 months was the best, though. That's when we seperated, and I got to explore MC on my own. I got another cb2k (early ones were plagued with issues), a cb3k and a curve. I also made about 5 or 6 homemade cbs with kydex ala toolyboy style. I played at it for my pleasure, and it was fun. Waiting on the mail for my key. Seeing how much I could tease myself, etc.

Anyway, fast forward to my (last) Wife. We have been togther for 3 1/2 and my previous experience made me very wary of bringing up MC. 18 days ago, my Wife saw a MCD for the first time. She took to it more enthuasiastically than any fantasy I could ever have imagined! She wants me locked 24/7, pretty much forever. She will choose when I am ready to be let out.

Before, we had intercourse 3-6 times a week. I had orgasms 6-10 times a week. I thought if I gave her multiples, it somehow "made up" for taking what are now "Her orgasms".

The longest I ever went on my own was 17 days. Today, with Her, is 18. And I just learned this morning that I will probably not be allow release until july 4th weekend. (100 days).

I am so in awe and amazed by my Grace.

We are a white couple. She is 45. I am 41.

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