Physical changes

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Physical changes

Post by nosaint »

I know the conventional wisdom is that a chastity device will not cause your penis to shrink. However, I can definitely say that my penis is now a bit shorter on the right side (only?) There is a noticeable "tilt" 10 or 20 degrees to the right that was not there prior to wearing the device. I'm wearing a cage that is basically the length of my glans. Everything looks symmetrical while wearing it, but I've had to take it off several times lately and have noticed the glans is angled to the right when I get an erection. It was off for most of two weeks and seemed to be slowly correcting, but now after 10 days back in the cage, the tilt is back (had to remove the cage for a Doctor's appointment and took the chance to check it out...after a *lot* of scratching :D )

I wonder if peyronie's disease, a build up of scar tissue may be happening. I'm not tremendously worried about it and she hasn't noticed, despite some PIV, so it's not in any way debilitating, just curious. Why only on the right side, I cannot say. But perhaps a shorter penis is a real possibility or a possible concern.

I'd also like to add that peyronie's seems to be the diagnosis currently popular with various medical scam artists. But it is a real diagnosis. And after some 50 years of looking at my erections, I can tell if the direction of the head of my penis compared to my abdomen is this | or this / I've never been one to obsess over length, so I cannot say for certain that only one side is effected, but that's my first guess.
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Re: Physical changes

Post by TwistedMister »

I'm not an expert, but I think Peyronie's is characterized by a significant/severe bend that is painful.

I have noticed that I sometimes have a slight bend/tilt to one side or the other, and I *think* it's caused by getting aroused in the cage, and positioning causes one side to get a bit more 'exercise' than the other which results in a slight angle to one side or the other. The effect disappears after a period of freedom and normal erections.

This is one of the reasons I typically advocate for a 'stretch break' every week or two- just to make sure that everything continues to work properly, and make sure that the skin maintains the normal elasticity for proper erections...

...and, of course, to give the subject a little tease and taste of what he isn't getting on a regular basis, and to be re-caged without an orgasm. :twisted:
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Re: Physical changes

Post by Mr Pickle »

I bend to the right, it used to be a lot more bent but I used a traction device for 6 months.

This also increased my size by about a half inch, more would be impossible because the device isn't long enough and I didn't need it, just a side effect.
After a few weeks it was back to its original size.

After 2 months of erections in cages I am a whole inch shorter. I'm a grower so when I expand, it goes everywhere it can, stomach perenium etc.
The inch I lose is in there somewhere and there some of it stays.
But with the device (which I kept) it can be coaxed out again in a day.

As it happens, there is no point at the moment because my breaks from being locked have just become very short.

Yes, size changes but should come back with a good tug is my answer.

The bad bend never came back.

You might find doing some stretch exercises help. Thumb at base, finger thumb wrapped around glans, so to stretch over the base thumb in the opposite direction to the bend.
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