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Re: Just not into it?

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I tricked my wife into thinking it was for different reasons. I wish I hadn't, it caused problems later on and the guilt doesn't leave. But she keeps me locked now when it suits her, which is more often than not.
I think if I had mentioned trying this out it would have been a no, but if I had said "this is what I want to try, the idea turns me on, would you just go along with it for me?" then she might have?
As it happens, my wife put up with it, it was my game, it seemed to make me happy so Where's the harm. But she did not get it. At all.
Any improvement to behaviour was seen as a bluff or passing fad, she was not buying any of that" its for you" crap, because crap is what it is. It is a game. The man's game. Women are not fooled by us. But they might entertain us.
I think it was a year before the "maybe" there are benefits. 18 months and I'm still the regular helper and I enjoy being it, the pride is real and my wife is now quite cage happy and has started to make more use of it.
She will not read up on this, but recently after a melt down (mine) after my wife got very good, very fast.
My wife read one article about the mental effects of orgasm control ect. And it made sense of all my odd behavior.. Kind of.

It's one of the best explanations I have found.

But I'm not sure it would make an introduction to male chastity.

I would say, if I were to start again. I would wait for a very happy mood, buy a gift, wine, chocs and then ask, don't push. offer a deal or make it a game you would like to try for you, possibly to stop masturbation?. don't try to over sell it. Jus t be honest, it's for you.
Our wives do want us to be happy just like we want them to be , maybe appeal to this bit?

This is our base guide, but we allow edging.

I hope this is allowed as I have kept it saved on my phone (by request of the wife)

https://evolvingyourman.com/community/t ... s-release/
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