New to this - Keyholding for a tenant.

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Re: New to this - Keyholding for a tenant.

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Keyholder_V wrote: Sun Apr 11, 2021 2:36 pm
One small complaint - in the time since becoming an item, I have wanted to wear the key on a necklace, but have found that it irritates the skin where the key sits against my chest. I'm not sure whether I have an allergy to the metal or whether sharp edges are irritating the skin, but I am keen to keep it around my neck so am looking for solutions. Do others keep it in a sleeve of some sort? Is it possible to incorporate it into some sort of decorative pendant?
I got her a Tiffany's key. That way it's not too obvious what's going on under my pants. I wish I could afford the diamond encrusted one... but this is what she ended up with. $200 USD.

Looking forward to hearing about your journey. ... -35483853/
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Re: New to this - Keyholding for a tenant.

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Can’t wait to read your Journey post!
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