The “Milwaukee” Vibrator

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The “Milwaukee” Vibrator

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There is a reason they call a Harley Davidson the “Milwaukee Vibrator”. The big air cooled twin cylinder engine with pistons the size of your fist, shaking that rig.

I used to tease my wife and say, “Well, there are no more miles on it, but it’s almost outta gas. What are you doing with this bike?” We would always laugh about that. NOW, the joke’s on me.

I have several bikes, and the Harley gets seldom use. And usually, I don’t ride with my cage. But, this still being Locktober, and even though I was late to the dance, I have been caged for the past 2 weeks. So, when it was time to go get my haircut today, I decided to show the Harley some love and take it for the ride, Caged.

Late afternoon traffic was stacking up and on the way home I had about 4 traffic light intersections. I caught the red light at 3 of them I guess. Well, there I was, stopped in traffic at the lights, boots flat on the ground, jeans pressing my cage to the horn of the saddle, and HOLEE KOW!!!!!!!! Now, I TOTALLY get it. I told myself, if I have to sit here for 2 more lights, I am going to explode.

As it was, there was significant leakage that I could feel happening. the last 3 miles through our neighborhood have no stop signs or lights and almost no traffic, so I just putt putted those 3 miles at about 30 mph with low rpm’s and I swear I could visualize those pistons going up and down pounding. Whew, what a glorious ride. When I pulled in the driveway and swung a leg off the Hog, the leakage that had puddled, slowly rolled down my thigh. I was WET. In the Best way.

Now that right there, THAT was a good ride. The ole HD is going to be getting a LOT more love. Lots more. Oh, and I WiLL be caged.
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Re: The “Milwaukee” Vibrator

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Never heard a Harley called that but I can see where it comes from. Even with the Road Zeppelin seat on my 'Glide the vibrations are still there. Not so much at an idle as when I let the rpm's drop too low and lug the motor a bit. I haven't had a reaction to the vibration like you did but M'Lady loves it.
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