I seem to have found my balls!

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I seem to have found my balls!

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Well obviously they are where I left them. They haven't moved at all... But I simply never noticed them before!

Years and years of attention, love, a little bit of frustration, and constant distraction in my life from that long and lively shaft.. Years of joy and pleasure from the sexy head on top..

And all the while there they were.. Sitting quietly. Ignored and uncomplaining. Poor round balls of fun have never been noticed before.. Never given a chance to prove their worth.

Not anymore! With my shaft and head under padlock and key, the bloody criminals, there is now a new party in my pants. A long neglected venue has taken over the scene.

Where I used to absent mindedly touch my penis.. It's my balls that have the attention now. They are more sensitive and more swollen. They make themselves known by a low, ever present throb.

The previously imperceptible crawl of their protective wrapper is now meticulously analyzed. When they were barely heard before, now with each step they shout out... Hey! I'm here! Let's have some fun! There are two of us!

Chastity is a wonderfully weird thing, is it not..? I am now thoroughly entertained by the accompaniment rather than the star attraction.
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