Chastity pros versus amateurs.

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Re: Chastity pros versus amateurs.

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TwistedMister wrote: Mon Oct 05, 2020 6:10 am
Schnoff wrote: Sun Oct 04, 2020 6:15 pm I’m sure chastity pros exist, but that’s not for me. I prefer the sex I have to be definitely amateur: Lots of fun, not a vocation or job, no money changes hands.
I have a fantasy where others pay my wife to 'use' me. Would that make me a 'pro'?
I think that would make you "professional grade equipment."

Which would be a nice sobriquet. Though some people are damned hard on rentals...
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Re: Chastity pros versus amateurs.

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I have a question for the pros out there. How long did it take for your sleep patterns to adjust to wearing a cage. Whilst I sleep ok, I feel pretty tired when I get up which makes me think its still a restless night. Its been a week so far, just hoping for most that you eventually adjust.
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Re: Chastity pros versus amateurs.

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i don’t consider myself a pro but have been into this for 6 years now. Trying to remember back i don’t think it took particularly long but i’m also in my 60s so nighttime erections weren’t a big issue anyway. i found daytime wear and getting used to squatting rather than bending over and sitting to pee stayed with me for months and even now when i sit to pee it reminds me instantly of my place and gives a little thrill !! If you’re already sleeping through and just think you may have been restless i would think you’re past it being an issue.

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Re: Chastity pros versus amateurs.

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Success (for me) is about remaining chaste while keeping her attentions. I have no interest in delaying gratification unless she is involved and playing. Being locked without the romance just isn't interesting.
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