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My wife is bi and I am heteroflexable. I identify as straight, do not find men sexually attractive or feel repulsed by man on man sex. This has allowed me in the distant past to have sex with a man. In fact, I lost my virginity to a male friend when I was 13. Then to another. :)

If the circumstances were right. Women there to arouse me and a few drinks and some weed, I could be persuaded to do things to another guy if the ladies asked me to.

Up until 12 years ago we were poly and shared a girlfriend for most of our 48 years of marriage. We got into chastity because without our girlfriend in bed with us, my wife did not enjoy sex since I cannot have intercourse with her for various reasons since 15 years ago, I was her foreplay and our girlfriend finished her off. Without a girl in bed my wife seldom wanted sex with me or any other man for that matter having tried it once and hating it. Chastity solved our problem because my long periods of sexual frustration are now a fetish and my wife feels comfortable orgasming on her vibrator without having to deal with sex with a man. She does enjoy kissing me though but with her eyes shut I think she fantasizes about me being her girlfriend. Do not know and do not care. I enjoy the pent up sexual energy more than the few seconds of an orgasm. It works for us. Nothing better than having a Keyholders who does not want you to orgasm.
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