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My first experience.

Posted: Fri Apr 24, 2020 10:47 am
by ShySubDave
Hello to all, a newbie here. Me and my partner live seperetly and with the lockdown in place we started texting a lot, one night I just decided to tell her my desires about chastity, to my amazement she was fine with it and happy that I had told her. She is more submissive normally but was happy for us to swap and change. With in drunken late night text I ended up telling her a lot of my thoughts and fantasies and she didn't seem fazed at all. So very happy. I could tell her excitement grew when I mentioned about her wearing the key on her necklace.
I ordered my Torment Stainless Steel Spiral Chastity Cage from bondora and waited as time slowed down. Finally it arrived and I was very eager to try it on. I had 3 sessions with it on whilst I had the keys, the longest being 17 hours, only stopping and was aching a fair bit but also a clostriphobic sensation washed over me with it being metal and harder to remove if something went wrong.
Anyway, her Birthday is today so we agreed that we would see each other yesterday for a short time and then back into self quarentine. I locked myself up and sent her a video to prove it knowing that now she has all 3 keys and is 10 miles away. The next 6 hours passed as my first stint of being locked with no key in the house started. Finally she arrived and we spent some time in the garden, her hand on my lap slightly touching the cage, my heart was pounding. I served her drinks and cooked lunch for her etc.
Finally she took me to the bedroom were she teased me a lot etc but couldn't do much more as it was that time of a ladies month. However I was so happy that I got to give her the birthday present I bought her and as she sat on the bed I lay on the floor naked, with one high heeled foot on my face and the other on my cage.
Before our time was over she did release me and allowed me to have pleasure as I'm still very nervous about going longer without the key. Today my larger base ring arrived in post so will get to try it out and hopefully feel a little less anxiety knowing the ring is a larger size.
Thanks for reading my first experience and sorry if this was not right to post.