the female POV on chastity- thoughts

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Re: the female POV on chastity- thoughts

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I’m somewhat intrigued by the question. I’ve not seen anything on CF at all that suggests the key holder isn’t better provided for after becoming a Key holder than before. Whilst I’ve probably only had 10% of the number of orgasms in 2019 that I did in 2018, Mistress T has had many more orgasms, more fun, more love and much more attention. She says “cage on” or “cage off”, then that’s what happens. She says “lick me”, “finger me” or “dildo me” then that’s the power I’ve given her, and we both love it. She loves the power to have an orgasm and then not allow me one - and that comes under the old ‘be careful what you wish for’ scenario - and ‘Not tonight darling’ always causes junior and the twins to fight to get out of the cage!
But she’s interested enough too to know that my eagerness to please is directly proportional to the quality of her teasing and my denial, and she fills that role nicely.
But she’s not ‘dominant’ about it. I gave her the power and I do what she says sexually, and I’m lying here next to her now in my pink plastic cage. No sign my tongue is needed, but who knows?
I don’t now, and probably never will, understand what drives me to relinquish quantity for quality in orgasms, but my KH is very happy and so am I.
Assure your key holder of the benefits to her, then prove it, and you’ll never look back.
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