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I am reading a book "Worshipping Your Wife 2" by Mark Remond. It is collection of writings from his blog and at the end of each section he includes comments from readers. One comment included a mantra that the poster recites to his wife every morning. I copied it into my journal post the next day and Kitten had me read it to her (while on my knees). She wants me to make this the start of our day. I modified it slightly so it would become, at least in part, my words to her. I have it printed it on a piece of photo paper until I can commit it to memory. If you like the idea, feel free to copy it as is or adapt it to your own style.

edit: While working on memorization I found some things that still didn't sound right to me so I made a few changes. Here is the Mantra as I changed it.
Mantra.JPG (36.83 KiB) Viewed 360 times
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That’s really affectionate, and hot. Love it! I may steal that.
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