Hygiene routine - open steel cage

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Hygiene routine - open steel cage

Post by Naljeans »

When I started in chastity, I recall being unsure about maintaining proper hygiene. Over the past year, this routine formed and may be helpful for someone. Of course with the your mileage may vary caveat.

My owner doesn’t always want to have to let me out just for cleaning. So, this maintenance basically eliminates that need entirely.

1. I generally shower twice daily.
2. For the cage, I use a bath sponge and gentle skin cleanser (e.g, Cetaphil.) The sponge can get inside the bars and other places and is non-abrasive. I use Dr. Bronner’s peppermint soap occasionally for stronger cleaning.
3. Rinse with a handheld shower head and dry throughly.
4. In my current setup, I use quality lotion at least twice daily. This is NOT for lubrication. It’s to avoid dry skin, which leads to discomfort. The cage shouldn’t move much - but when it does, dry skin is terrible.
5. I bathe with bath oil once a week or so. This is at my owner’s request, and also helps with the cage.

Shaving - for me, using a razor once a week where the base ring sits works very well. I’ve tried other schedules, which either lead to hair getting pulled or ingrown hairs from too much shaving.

If my ring is exceedingly tight (and when I just started chastity), I use baby oil gel to reduce the risk of ball burn, especially at night. This is less of an issue in the summer months.

I hope this helps anyone that’s curious.
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Re: Hygiene routine - open steel cage

Post by KittensBoyToy »

Great advice!

Hygiene was a problem for me when Kitten kept me in HER HTv3. I had to be released every few days for cleaning or the smell would get bad. With the Jail Bird, and for the most part the Chinese steel cage I was in before this, that it is not a problem. I keep a spray bottle of half sanitizing hand soap and half water in the shower and spray the cage and my sack thoroughly when I first get in. When I wash I use the cloth to clean good. With the open design of the JB I can get to almost everything with the wash cloth before rinsing with a hand held shower nozzle.

I haven't tried to shave while caged yet. I'm sure I could do a fair job on my sack and around the base ring but the shaft would be a problem. It might be possible to slip out of the cage to shave and get back in but that would be against the rules and I wouldn't even try without prior permission.
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Re: Hygiene routine - open steel cage

Post by TwistedMister »

Even the CB-X line can be kept clean with a daily shower- use liquid soap, get a finger under the ring and roll it around in a motion similar to a top-load washing machine, and rinse with the hand-held showerhead...if your fingers are skinny enough (mine are), otherwise you'll have to use the 'sponge on a stick'. I can go for months in the CB-3000 without an odor problem using this method.
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Re: Hygiene routine - open steel cage

Post by sls01234 »

I made it 52 days in cb3000 using pretty much the above process.
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Re: Hygiene routine - open steel cage

Post by sirmebane »

Steel cage is easy. Soap it up like you normally would. Maybe just spend a little more time spreading soap.
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