Time without orgasm

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Re: Time without orgasm


Oh I should mention I have never made a 1000 days 6 months has been the longest yet , but I have wished for longer ever since .
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Re: Time without orgasm

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It's a true dilemma, but what she says goes. That's the only way this works; she has to know that whether it's a directive to go ahead or a directive to withhold, it will be followed. Otherwise, it's not hers at all.

And I absolutely do want it to be hers, so...what she says she wants...she gets! It's especially hot when she wants PIV but tells me I'm only allowed to get close. I don't know whether or not that will be a one-time thing, repeated and still withheld, or repeated until she says to go all the way. And she can, and does, change her mind within that time period as well, which keeps me guessing!
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Re: Time without orgasm

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danj wrote: Tue Jul 16, 2019 7:20 am Max has been 21 days without a full orgasm. She doesn't give me intentionally ruined orgasms, but they do happen occasionally. I've given myself ruined orgasms in the past, but I'm not allowed to give myself that type of stimulation now. She does not milk me, though I'd be okay if she tried this.
What do you mean not allowed to give yourself that kind of stimulation? Side note. Anyone ever ask her about the key?
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Re: Time without orgasm

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I am in permanent orgasm denial after 8 years of my wife weaning me off of orgasms. It has been around 8 months since my last and final orgasm. Funny part is that it does not bother me because I had not been permitted to fuck my wife or her steady girlfriend for about 20 years. Oral both giving and receiving stopped 10 years ago.

I find it better knowing that I am not going to get an orgasm no matter how I plot, scheme or play on my wife's sympathies. In the past if I did not get an orgasm during sex, I was disappointed. Now, knowing orgasms are off the plate like fucking and sucking is, I do not expect an orgasm and therefore never feel disappointed. My wife is only into girls now. Sex is once a week with my hooded laying next to her as she uses her vibrator until she cums. She cums fast and intensely. It is all over in 5 minutes. I have not seen her naked, felt her or kissed her during sex for a very long time. I do get some pleasure from my wife's orgasms.
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Re: Time without orgasm

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Steve2059 wrote: Tue Oct 01, 2019 7:57 am I'm not doing so well on this front at the moment. 2018 was an orgasm-free year (excluding half-a-dozen ruins, about which I'm conflicted because they do strike me as cheating).

I had hoped to build on this in 2019 and She seemed to be in support. But She can't get over her feeling that commanding me to cum or ruin is a kindness to me. So this year I had to have a full orgasm to celebrate New Year, another on my birthday (a landmark age) and three! over a single week in August to celebrate Her birthday. In addition, I've had several ruins because She likes to watch me eat my cum. Ruins aren't so bad as long as I'm very careful indeed, but it takes me at least a week after a full orgasm to get back into "the zone".
Noticed I wrote this nearly a year ago, so a quick update.

I'm 5 days back in the cage after not being locked since late last year, which I'll come to in a moment. Chastity has been enforced though via the honour system, and my last full orgasms were those I mentioned above last August.

Having spent so many months unlocked, She has taken to teasing me to the edge on a daily basis, forbidding me to ejaculate. She has the time to do this since fully retiring early in the year, and because we were locked down and housebound in the UK for several months due to the pandemic, so time on her hands. So at home, absolutely no cumming despite much "action".

She has though taken an odd approach to ruins. We enjoy caravanning, but of course all the caravan sites were closed until June, Since then though, we've been away around the UK quite a lot. Anyway, She discovered an old plastic cup at the back of a cupboard which She has named The Cum Cup. When we've been away She's made me ruin into this recepticle every couple of days, then swallow everything with, and I quote, "great enthusiasm". My efforts to make yummy noises and appear ecstatic whilst doing this amuses her greatly. Then, on our return home, a complete ban again.

Life though has taken a turn for the interesting because just when I thought my cage would gather dust for eternity, She put me back in it last Thursday. She said it was just for a couple of days, but shows no inclination to unlock - indeed quite the reverse. We're both keeping an eye on things since the reason it came off last year was because of scrotal issues.

I'm going to update in more detail in the My Journey section, But She never fails to surprise.
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Re: Time without orgasm

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Hubby has been denied for 226 days currently
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