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Thoughts on Orgasm

Posted: Sat Mar 23, 2019 6:42 am
by happilylockedman
It’s been less than a week since my wife and I had PIV sex, so I was surprised last night when she told me to take my cage off and to take a pill so I would be ready for this morning.

Our last PIV was five weeks ago and I’m more or less accustomed to our sexual rhythms being wildly apart. I love being sexually intimate with her when she permits me to bring her to orgasm, with me straining against my cage, and I’ve come to (usually) accept that she doesn’t want that nearly as often as I want to give it to her. So, yeah, I was surprised.

I woke before her this morning, as usual, but this morning uncaged as I snuggled against her. I was hard and as I brushed along her flanks I realized that my focus was on … having an orgasm. It’s such a ‘manly’ thing to want but I know myself well enough now to accept that being in the cage is a real reward. It’s really difficult for me to give her the focus I want to give her when I’m out of the cage. My own O seems like the most important thing in the world when I'm uncaged but when I do come it lasts for such a short time when compared to the pleasures of extended, horny desire.

Re: Thoughts on Orgasm

Posted: Sat Mar 23, 2019 8:42 am
For me the teasing is so intense , so over the edge I want to just keep going without the orgasm . Perhaps I'm just lucky that such intense teasing actually give me bodily convulsions that are far more powerful and last longer than the orgasm . The other benefit is no loss of desire she can do this to me repetitiously with no time to recharge . I am a bit envious of those of you who have gone a year or more as she only seems to let me go 3-4 months .

The orgasm is always good love the feelings of being inside her but then come the aftereffect blues . Needing time to recharge even the teasing doesn't seem to have the intensity for a few days . I know it's BCWYWF but I would love to go longer maybe even forever so long as the teasing doesn't go away .

Re: Thoughts on Orgasm

Posted: Sat Mar 23, 2019 9:44 am
by happilylockedman
So, we got back into bed this morning and I shared my thoughts with her, the same thoughts that I expressed here earlier. I told her of my concern that I would be self centered. She played with me, I played with her, giving her 2 orgasms.

I asked "Do you want me inside you?" She replied "I'd love you inside of me!" So I was.

After, we spoke again. She asked if being self centered was a problem. "No, and if you had said that you didn't want me inside you that would have been okay too. I would have kept my edge of desire and locked back up."

Ah-h-h, sweet.