Good Vibrations

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Good Vibrations

Post by Namron »

I bought this for Christmas and it is a fun little toy when caged or not.

Penis Head Massager

When locked it can be placed over the cage and be used to tease. None of the settings will get me off, but some cause some serious reactions! :)

When unlocked, you will need some numbing cream applied to the head before using if you do not want to come. I also coat the inside of the "cup" with more to make it last longer.

My wife finds it takes some burden off of her when she wants to tease me but her energy levels are down.
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Re: Good Vibrations

Post by KittensBoyToy »

Interesting. Kitten bought a remote controlled vibrating cock ring to tease me with when we are out and about but the vibrations aren't strong enough to do much through the HT. For that she would have to find one with a wireless remote!
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Re: Good Vibrations

Post by Steve2059 »

It could be my age, but vibrators have never managed to bring me close to orgasm when caged, however applied.
I have an inflatable vibrating buttplug that brings much pleasure, but it will never get me "off. which is probably just as well, since She says I can't have any more orgasms.
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Re: Good Vibrations

Post by sirmebane »

Hitachi Magic Wand could easily bring me off in my cage due to the heavy thumping vibrations. I tried it one desperate day for a little self teasing and 90 seconds after power switch was thrown, I was spasming and doing all I could to not come.
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Re: Good Vibrations

Post by jfenoffti »

Hmm Vibrations have never done it for me. I'm thinking that head massager might be real tormenting inside the locked cage with no way to turn it off.
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Re: Good Vibrations

Post by fancybondage »

funny toy,I have 1 vibration glans sleeve can give you better performance. ... -vibrators
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