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Post by happilylockedman » Thu Jan 10, 2019 8:20 am

I introduced chastity to my wife ( bless her vanilla heart ) almost 2 years ago. After a long evolution and many searching conversations we've come to point where she accepts me being in chastity and plays with my caged cock at times. She also, and this is an important point, has complained mildly that the cage keeps her away from my cock. Yes, she has her key but having to pause to unlock me definitely take the spontaneity away. She doesn't crave control over my penis or the rest of me, which is very wholesome but not very exciting.

I've been uncaged for about a week and a half due to an irritation that developed. We've had some very good sexy time, including PIV which I was very conflicted about. Like so many of us I value the tension that comes from not cumming but it feels so good when I do. The cage relieves me of that option, leaving me free to pleasure my wife without having an O myself.

This morning I locked myself up, leaving the key in its usual place on the bathroom vanity. I'm still horny and exploring my feelings.
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Re: Conflicted

Post by fuzzydunlop » Thu Jan 10, 2019 2:37 pm

Embrace the conflict and realize that the conflict will exist some of the time. My wife is kinky, GGG on denial, and we’ve been at it 20+ years. There are likely going to be times when your wife wants regular sex and if you want to please her and keep balance, going a few days with a let down is part of the reciprocation. Chastity isn’t a magic feather, and you aren’t going to get wrecked. If she thinks you are just being self absorbed about it, she’s going to lose interest. Most of the time, she’s not going to be as excited about your chastity as you are, but you are very lucky she is accepting

The other thing is to keep working at the non sexual aspects of your relationship. If she knows you are working hard at things that aren’t sexual, that usually helps.

Over time, I’ve become less obsessed with 100% denial for long periods of time, and experimented more with simply spacing out sex, mixing in ruined orgasms, and messing around without having sex or big goals. The last year has been best so far.

Good luck!
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