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Re: A272 long term

Post by Fouineur42 »

I received my a272 few days ago. I was using the cb6000s before.
But I never have wore it for some long term.
I plan to do that with the a272 as my keyholder is more into it.
I am uncut and I encounter a small inconvenience with my foreskin being pinch between the tip bars and my underwear, do you guys have some tips about it.
I have spent my first night into it. And I found the 45mm base ring to be very confortable, maybe it is too loose (how to know? I can pass 2 finger to the first joint when not errect ) (but 40mm will be too tight I believe), but when I got aroused, my penis push the cage away from my body, and the ring pull against my ball, this is not particularly uncomfortable, but it give me the impression to be able to get hard, and I find it a bit disappointing. BTW, I had the same problem with the 6000s, unless I was fully inserting my penis the cage with the sock method, this way, I wasn't growing too much outside (at the cage entrance), and it was not pushing the cage. I probably should try that with the a272, but I will still have the foreskin pinch issue.
Do you uncut guys, insert your penis with the foreskin pulled into the cage, or you insert the cage with your foreskin in place?
Plus, should I be able to insert the cage with foreskin pulled, but still have it all inside the tube to avoid external grow?
Thanks for your tips.
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Re: A272 long term

Post by subpig1989 »

I recently posted stuff about the same issues. Being uncut can be really tricky for chastity, especially if your foreskin is also long-ish like mine. When flaccid, it sticks out through the bars and that pinching while walking is so painful, I wouldn't believe it if I didn't experience it so often.

I'm also thinking about A272 because I tend to believe that in this cage my foreskin will stick out as a whole, not just a small piece of it, so I suppose it will not hurt. The other idea is to get a metal version of HT and shove the whole thing in a tube. Not sure how that would feel tho.

To answer your question, I put the cage on leaving the foreskin as it is. If I try to pull it back and then lock up, the glans is too sensitive and it all just feels too uncomfortable. Maybe it's about getting used to, but it seems like a long shot. Also, it might work when I put the cage on, cuz I usually get a semi while doing it, but as I walk and forget about it, the cock would shrink and the foreskin would come back to its place.

I suppose it's about the cage.
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