Whats in it for her?

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I love her
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Whats in it for her?

Post by I love her » Sun Oct 22, 2017 4:25 pm

Hello locked up people :D so, I've been visiting this sight for awhile, told my wife about how much I would love to be locked up, she even bought me a cage! She is rather vanilla, with a medium sex drive, Im high drive.

Question: what are some ideas for selfless service to my wife that will arouse her, make her want me? I'm aware of selfless acts like washing the car, doing the dishes, ect, but this is about creating sexual tention in her. Its a bit unfair how easy it is for her to suduce me, how can us men return the favor?

She lost interest in chastity when she realized how easy it is to pull it out of the cage, a piercing isn't going to happen, but tethered chastity might!
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slave d
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Re: Whats in it for her?

Post by slave d » Tue Oct 24, 2017 1:13 am

FWIW i bathe MsM as often as 5 times a week, that includes running Her bath (with bubbles quite often), undressing Her, (incidentally i am in “uniform”, naked except for MsM’s Cage), shaving anything that needs it, washing Her, drying Her with warm towels and dressing Her in a warm dressing gown and slippers. Sensual massages with scented oils are great. i also purchase lingerie on line for Her and dress Her in it before Her “playtimes” which are the time She watches some special porn (She decides what I should find for Her, Her tastes have ramped up a LOT since we began to now include DP, BBC, Gangbangs and even Cuckolding) and then has multiple orgasms using Her “Bucks” (dildos). Over 4 years MsM has gone from virtually never having an orgasm to having at least a dozen a week while i have gone the other way and am no longer allowed a complete orgasm at all !! So, take your time, look outside the square for things your Wife may like to try and make sure you don’t think of yourself at all !!

Good luck

MsM’s Ld
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Re: Whats in it for her?

Post by happilylockedman » Tue Oct 24, 2017 5:25 am

Hello I Love Her,

She has to be willing to let you arouse her. You need the patience to offer but be OK if what you offer isn't accepted or responded to. I find that being in chastity has increased my patience a lot. Uncaged, my mental sequence is: I'm hot. Get her hot. Have sex. Get my rocks off. When I'm uncaged and we're getting active I can feel my focus shift from her satisfaction to mine. Caged, it's different and I enjoy focusing on her.

Regarding the cage, if you can pull out easily it sounds like you don't have a good fit. I'd suggest you get a few Chinese cages to try to find one that is snug and secure. Having a good fit is really important. Neither too loose or too tight.
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