Metal Detectors

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Metal Detectors

Post by Micha615 »

I have noticed how many metal detectors I have been going through lately. At sporting events and even through security entrances at places I work. What devices set these metal detectors off?
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Re: Metal Detectors

Post by slave d »

Ahhhhh metal ones !!!

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Re: Metal Detectors

Post by _lj_ »

to expand on slave_d's succinct reply, any piece of metal above a certain size, which will depend upon the sensitivity of the metal detector.

Bear in mind a lot of security "gates" , for example in shops, are not metal detectors, but scan for security tags on the items
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Re: Metal Detectors

Post by sirmebane »

Went to a military event outdoors that was open to the general public. I was smart enough to know that they would have metal detectors to leading up to the parade ground where it was all supposed to happen.

While the security folks (in uniform) carefully guided everyone through the arch, 100% of the people set it off because they were holding their phone or keys or both over their head. Beep. "Thank you." Beep. "Keep coming through." Beep.

They just went through the motions hoping that anyone who was there to cause trouble would be scared off. The guys past the gate who were wandering around with M-4's on tactical harnesses were plenty of deterrent.

Wearing a metal cage there would NOT have been an issue but you don't know until you know.
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Re: Metal Detectors

Post by Shoeslave88 »

High quality metal detectors have lights on the sides that faced the guards and when you pass through there are lights every couple of inches on the side that indicate where on your body at what horizontal line then metal is at. If they hold their phones and keys above their head the light higher than their head will light up but if you had metal in your pocket a light at the same level as your pocket would light up indicating that you had metal elsewhere besides in your hands that were above your head
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Re: Metal Detectors

Post by attentive_husband »

I went through the ones at Disney World recently. Had a Contender locked on and it did not go off. Keys, phone, and wallet I put in a basket.

One night I was wearing jeans and it did go off. I have a bigger (not giant) belt buckle on those. I'm thinking "oh shit" as they use the wand and it beeps at my crotch. My wife meanwhile looked like she was about to die of embarrassment.

I lifted my shirt and they saw the belt buckle, and waved me through.

I don't know if the contender doesn't set it off, or if it's too little but the combination with the belt buckle was enough. But having a belt buckle large enough to trigger it is enough explanation.
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Re: Metal Detectors

Post by sherulestherooster »

I'm sure I've posted this before, but my wife always seemed intrigued by the notion of having me locked up on a business trip. Something about the potential embarrassment intrigued her, plus the obvious advantage of knowing I'm chaste.

However, I have had a few recent business trips and I've been "patted down" just about every time in spite of the fact that there is NOTHING there. I've literally emptied my pockets, and then been asked if I have anything in my pockets, and had the TSA guy pat down my pocket, finding nothing.

Another time, I was patted down on my knee (WTH?).

So it makes me think: if I'm patted down with nothing there, why wouldn't these trigger happy scanners set off a plastic or metal chastity cage?
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Re: Metal Detectors

Post by jfenoffti »

sherulestherooster wrote: Another time, I was patted down on my knee (WTH?).
When the agent goes through the obligatory instructions, "I'm going to pat you down, check collar, waistband, etc." I started telling the screener that "that's ok, but if you pat down my bare arms and legs (I'm wearing shorts and a short sleeve shirt) we are going to have a problem."

Never have any problems, and they usually make it a fast search.
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Re: Metal Detectors

Post by attentive_husband »

For business trips my wife and I figured out the following. I go through unlocked and immediately go to a bathroom and lock myself. If I think of a work issue during that time I lock myself before I can talk myself out of it.

The key is in a plastic realtor key lockbox in my carryon. Found a plastic one on Amazon. my wife texts me the combination when I,m at the airport to return.

Worked well twice so far.
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Re: Metal Detectors

Post by noid51 »

I’m wondering if the sliding brass cylinder lock on a plastic device would set off a metal detector. I’m going to a music concert Saturday night and thinking of going locked. Doesn’t seem like much metal for the detector. I thought that if I did get beeped, I could just explain that I had some “jewelry” down there. I’m sure there’s lots of pierced individuals in this city that would run into the same situation. We’ll see.
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