erections and chastity

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erections and chastity

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My wife and me do not practice chastity all the year, but just for 6 to 8 months per years; there are periods of time when we conduct pauses with normal sexual life. With normal I mean that we have sex and I get release 2-3 time per week.
Now, when we practice chastity, we have PIV sex from 4 to 6 times per week, with a happy ending for my wife. My denial period varies from 7 to 30 days, depending on her.
I noticed that when we restart chastity at the beginning I am very aroused, but after 1 month, including occasional release(s), arousal decreases and erections become less hard.
I was just wondering if this is an effect like as the body adapt to the situation: the "unconscious " knows that there will be no release, therefore there is no point to get ready for it, and the body saves energies... something like that.
Does it make sense? Is there any risk for the erections to decrease by practising chastity?
Sorry for asking this question, I know that it might seem against chastity. But in reality I adore chastity and I am just asking what is your experience.
Incidentally, I would say that I think it is strange that there are no statistics on this: delaying orgasm is not a recent practice, in China it was common under the Middle Age and in the western world it started in 1800.

EDIT: I forgot to mention that I do not (usually) use a cage. We go with the "honour" system
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Re: erections and chastity

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My Mistress likes me locked up or edged only.
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Re: erections and chastity

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I am like you but with a cage. I do experience those half hard times but when I know its a climax for her only my focus is on her orgasm witch gives me the half hard and drooling precum. Lol
When I am played with first then everything works fine. Its a psychological thing in my opinion
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