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Locked permanently this time?

Posted: Sun Oct 08, 2017 6:40 am
by yeldarb
Following my 'Hello World' post a week ago, an update ...
Excepting for release and immediate re-lock for hygiene purposes, I have been locked 24/7 for the past 8 days now. My KH has said some wonderful things and intimated that we may well be on a long-term journey into some quite kinky stuff, but my three primary take aways from week one ...

1. She has repeatedly confirmed that this is long term, permanent/indefinite even - and I'm loving that of course, even desperate and delighted to hear it. It is having a profound effect on me - I have woken up a couple of times actually thinking that I was metaphorically "locked to her", not just "locked by her" ... does that sound weird? Anyone else ever had that kind of thinking? Is that a sign that I am adjusting to having my penis owned by her? Top her genuinely becoming my Mistress at a profoundly deep level?

2. She disclosed to me that occasionally, in the evening, when she removes her panties to get ready for bed, she sometimes has a little wee leakage that dribbles down her thigh - last night was one such occasion and she invited me to lick her leg clean! Hot or what??!!

3. She has been saying that initially we will do a week, which we have now done, and that she would reward me with release and relief. Then I'd be locked back up straight away, this time for two weeks. We'll see what happens this evening! She has also mentioned me serving her with a whole body moisturising session (lovely)and maybe even the possibility of some rubber gloved bottom play - perhaps starting to find and work on the Prostate with a long-term view to being able to milk me ... she did express an interest in knowing more about that a month ago or so.

That would be sooo horny, but maybe a tad too soon for her try? What do you think? I'm very conscious of the need for patience and to let her go at her own pace - that's got to be the right approach hasn't it?

Re: Locked permanently this time?

Posted: Sun Oct 08, 2017 5:34 pm
by VinnyDee
Only 8 days and you are talking about permanent chastity already. We have all been there and it is a big fantasy of most of us but in real life it takes a lot of time to work up to that. What do you mean by permanent chastity? No orgasms or always being locked up? I have been locked up for 5 years this November. It took months to get used to it. When I am horny I tell my wife all sorts of things like never letting me orgasm again but she is smart enough to know what is a game and what is real.

Those that fail at chastity after the initial excitement wears off did so by rushing into it and thinking it is like they saw or read in porn. Even many posts are just fantasy play online. One thing I learned is that it is not the device that keeps us chaste, it is the promise that we make to our key holders. We all know how to masturbate in our devices so it takes self control to make chastity work for you.

Take baby steps and ignore the fantasy stuff online. Do chastity the way you two want to do it and not like anyone else. You are not even over your hormone build up that makes you want to orgasm yet so you have not felt the worse it. Those that buy a device and put it on thinking that they can just keep on wearing it all the time, usually fail at a very high rate. It takes time for your skin to get used to wearing a cage 24/7. It took me 3 months and even then, I sometimes felt like my balls were on fire.

Do as you like, but you are in the throes of the initial excitement phase that we all experience the first time we lock up. Once that fades, and it will, you are just left with an ever present need to orgasm without the excitement. There is a reason why chastity is not a very popular fetish and unless you take it slowly, you will learn why. It usually takes a new key holder months if not years to get rid of the guilt of denying the man they love. I am surprised how your wife went from loving wife to strict key holder overnight. That is very uncommon, so you are lucky. Just do not rush or else your device will be sitting in drawer along with millions of others put away long ago. Have fun and be realistic.

Re: Locked permanently this time?

Posted: Mon Oct 09, 2017 4:29 am
by yeldarb
Vinney - thanks for your considered reply and I agree with most all of what you say.

This hasn't been overnight though. Up until two years ago we'd had a couple of years where chastity was an on/off dalliance. Then health issues and other distractions intervened and although we still had the occasional two, three or four weeks here and there during that time it was mostly as far from my KHs mind as it could be Indeed that could be said of all matters of a sexual nature. Her libido had gone fishing! Still has to a large extent!!

The past six months or so had seen us start to speculate again though, to fantasise etc. that maybe the time was approaching when the stars of chastity would align for us again.

My KH kept saying she would like to do it, but "soon", not immediately, and that this time she'd not want it to be a superficial thing, another "dalliance", not a short term fetish, but that if we are going to do it then we knew enough now to know that we had to commit to it fully, or not at all; that it would indeed need to be just exactly that, a commitment - "like cats and dogs, chastity can't be for Christmas only this time because one way or the other the next time we embrace it is the last time we embrace it".

For us both it had to be a deliberate and long-term decision about our lives, not just a sexual whim. One that saw her take control of my penis and orgasms, of course, but that as we deepened our associated edging and T&D with kink play (that's our choice - we started off as a D/s couple seven years ago - we met through a BDSM site), she was now open to allowing herself to find her inner Dominant and see if it could permeate into other areas of our life on a "let it happen naturally or not at all" basis - she'd previously always been a sub and I a Dom (who had increasingly started to enjoy switching sometimes).

So hence why the concept of "permanence" has some specific resonance and context for us. I realise 8 days is no biggie in the greater scheme of things, indeed neither is 8 weeks or even 8 months really. But in the context of our lives those 8 days have been several years in the making - years in which we have learned of the pitfalls :-)


Re: Locked permanently this time?

Posted: Thu Oct 12, 2017 3:34 am
by yeldarb
Well, the weekend came and went - but I didn't! KH decided to not, after all, mark the end of week one with release and relief - she just wasn't in the mood so we have slipped seamlessly into a second week. Looks like any initiation in to bottom play or milking will have to await their moment.

I had about 12 hours out of the cage yesterday, just to let some irritation of the skin around my testicle (I only have the one left following a health scare 10 years ago) settle down and give my self a couple of applications of lotion - exactly the kind of irritation that Vinny had mentioned.

Yesterday evening though my KH was very "definite" in her demand for me to re-lock and watched carefully as I re-assembled the CB6000s ... a little lube on my penis (rather than smeared inside the tube) helped avoid the scrunching up ... I am small (as my KH keeps reminding me) but sometimes just too small or flaccid to get anything in to the tube successfully (- maybe I'll try one a design with a few less individual parts at some stage, the HT2 maybe? Or maybe an open ended metal tube design, one with interchangeable/removable end caps perhaps?)
When she asked me to confirm how many days it was since my last orgasm (a little ritual of hers - 14) she had a very self satisfied smirk ... "you genuinely do like denying me orgasms, don't you?" ... "hell yes"!

Re: Locked permanently this time?

Posted: Thu Oct 12, 2017 9:04 am
by jfenoffti
yeldarb wrote: When she asked me to confirm how many days it was since my last orgasm (a little ritual of hers - 14) she had a very self satisfied smirk ... "you genuinely do like denying me orgasms, don't you?" ... "hell yes"!
May want to consider adding to the "Hot things your KH has said" thread!