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45th Wedding Anniversary done Chastity Style

Posted: Fri Oct 06, 2017 12:36 pm
by VinnyDee
Our 45th wedding anniversary is at the end of this month. We were uncertain about what to do to make it special. After 5 years, chastity can lose its appeal with the denial, orgasm and starting from square one again.

We gave it some thought, even to stop our chastity sex life. My wife has been becoming more dominant in our marriage as a result of Chastity. In the past she has refused to enter into a wife led relationship but due to our sex life and advancing age that messes with my memory, she has taken over most aspects of our life anyway.

We decided this morning what we are going to do to celebrate our 45th year of marriage. I will formally recognize that my wife is in charge of all aspects of our marriage. She has final say in any disagreements or decisions. This will be difficult for me as I am a control freak. I run a national company and am used to people doing as I say.

To make it official, I will receive 45 whacks of my wife's paddle, massage her and then orally please her on our anniversary. This will mark yet another change in our marriage with the last three being a Poly Triad with her girlfriend/lover, stopping all penetrative sex and then Chastity. Should be interesting.