My chastity has merged with my non sex life

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My chastity has merged with my non sex life

Post by VinnyDee » Sat Sep 16, 2017 3:35 pm

We have been into 24/7/365 chastity for a few years now and as we have done with all previous fetishes, we confined it to the bedroom. Chastity is different since I am still locked up and teased outside of the bedroom. My wife has always been submissive in and out of the bedroom. In one aspect it has allowed me to try every fetish found on Fetlife and do all those things guys post about wishing their wives would do or have in their bucket list. My bucket is empty.

After about 4 or 5 years of chastity we are extending a sexual fetish outside of the bedroom for the first time. My wife has a new found confidence and taste of dominance from chastity. We are going to do it the same way we went from 2 weeks of orgasm denial to 4 months and now unlimited. Take baby steps. She is basically treating me like her dog. She tells me what to do and after I do it, she says good boy or bad boy. Paddling my butt is now standard before we have sex. The length and severity will depend on if I was a bad boy that week. The two things I would not have minded to skip over are shaving my beard of 4 years because it irritates her face and thighs, and domestic discipline. My wife is not into S&M so when she punishes me, it is all about the pain and no sexual element to it as there was with our girlfriend. She hit me harder than my wife can, but it was done as part of our sex play and not just for inflicting pain.

So I am wondering how many others have used chastity as a springboard to inject some D/s into their non sex life? How much control does your wife have now? My wife rejected my offers to enter into a FLR. She said I have done a great job for the last 45 years and we should not let a sexual fetish interfere with that. She is right of course. Plus I am like Sheldon on The Big Bang while she is like Penny. It works out well for us as we tend to balance each other out.

At this point I do not know if I will like being told what to do outside of the bedroom. I am very alpha and run a company where I tell people what to do daily. I do not like being told to do things. I tend to push back. However, I do enjoy new experiences, even those I do not like. Time will tell. I really miss my beard since I am on my way to male pattern baldness and the beard evened my face out. :)
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Re: My chastity has merged with my non sex life

Post by braddogg4345 » Mon Sep 18, 2017 12:44 am

It sounds like you are a lucky man. My wife also underwent a transformation due to chastity. She grew up in a Mexican family, where women are taught to be submissive to their men. So when we first started dating, and even after marriage, She was very submissive. But I knew there was something special about this girl. I knew that She was truly a dominant girl, but She was not comfortable with showing Her dominant side, because She was taught that women should be submissive.

I decided to take a plunge and suggest male chastity to Her. And She was completely willing to try it. It did not take long at all before She accepted the chastity lifestyle. I mean, what woman doesn't like a man that devotes himself to her?

But that was just the beginning. She loved the power She had over me so much, that She didnt hesitate to try out a female led relationship when I suggested it. And, as you may have guessed, She completely embraced that as well.

Now She is completely in control of our relationship, and She wouldn't have it any other way. The one area we still need to work on, is our FLR outside of the household. For Her, being raised in a Mexican family, She still has a hard time displaying Her dominance over me to Her family. For example, She insists on serving my meal when Her family is around. And She insists on leading Her family to believe that She does the cooking and cleaning at our house.

For me, I have accepted Her dominance in pretty much all aspects of our life. Like you, I used to give a lot of resistance when She would display Her dominance in public. But now I have come to accept it. The only time a really push back at all, is when we are in the presence of my really close friends. That is really the only time when my male ego gets in the way. But we are working on correcting that.

Someday, hopefully, we will both be able to accept a relationship bordering on a master/slave relationship.
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