Always locked on her period

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Always locked on her period

Post by sirmebane »

Curious to hear if your KH is the same as mine. Noticed that any attention, sympathy or freedom I might have evaporates when she gets her monthly visitor. She has even boldly stated that since she is out of commission, no reason I shouldn't be as well.

Part of it is that she isn't in the mood, she doesn't want to defend my advances but I think she does get some satisfaction from denying me during this time.

Any similar experiences?
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Re: Always locked on her period

Post by Cueball »

For us, chastity play and any other form of sex is basically orthogonal to her cycle. Sometimes she wants sexual activity during her period, sometimes not. If she wants it, she gets it. There's no "being out of commission" any more than the usual day by day ebbs and flows of her desire.

I know that many women don't allow sex while on their period, but many do, and period sex can be some of the best sex there is. Hormones are raging, and it can come out in a variety of ways. When it comes out as horniness, it makes for some pretty good sex.

Menstruation is a natural body process, and there's nothing gross or disgusting about it. Yeah, it can be a bit messy sometimes, but so can non-period sex. My advice to anyone squeamish about it is "get over it".

BTW, my job is to track her cycle so that I know when the next one is coming (she forgets sometimes), make sure the house is stocked with tampons and chocolate, and then be patient and understanding and do whatever she tells me to, whether it's sex, denial, or something in between.
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Re: Always locked on her period

Post by braddogg4345 »

Tampons and My KH is the same way when it comes to sex. Period or not, if she wants it, she gets it.
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Re: Always locked on her period

Post by Chastity4don »

I'm always locked during my wife's period. Tonight in fact, I was instructed to lay between her legs and tongue her ass, lick around her tampon string, and tease her clit. All this while she spanked my locked balls with her leather crop! At one point she asked, "Do you want me to unlock you so you can cum?" I replied as I always do, "Whatever you want goddess." She just laughed and said, "No, you don't need to cum. I'll keep you locked up until I'm done." Man! I was soooo horny!!! She even had me unlock two days ago so she could run her freshly pedicured feet on my balls. When I was about to cum, she of course stopped and made me stuff my stiffy back in the cage! I'm anxiously awaiting her completion so I can be loose! It won't last long though. I'll go back in after a day or so of freedom. When her period is near she always says' "I'm About to know what that means!" 6-7 days in a cage is what it means...
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Re: Always locked on her period

Post by Gymgenius »

I’m trying this with my lady.
She’s left to visit her parents last Thursday evening and I self locked as soon as she’d gone (as is the rules).
The day after she text me unexpectedly to say that AF had arrived - to which I replied that I may as well stay locked until AF has gone again.

The weather turned bad Saturday night so she’s stuck there again tonight, meaning I won’t see her until I get home from work tomorrow evening, by which time I’ll have been locked for four days and nights (which is somewhat of a record for me!).

This morning I got way too horny in the shower so, not wanting to give in to temptation, I posted the keys to myself- second class. They won’t even be collected until tomorrow (Monday) afternoon - so definitely won’t be delivered until Wednesday at the earliest!

All this should help/force me to stay locked until my lady’s period has finished, and next time I’m going to suggest I’m locked as a matter of course whenever it’s her time of the month - and possibly longer until she ‘needs’ me!
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Re: Always locked on her period

Post by Rachel13 »

Same problem
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Re: Always locked on her period

Post by slave d »

Post menopausal MsM really misses Her periods ........................ NOT !!!!!

MsM's ld
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Re: Always locked on her period

Post by jfenoffti »

slave d wrote:Post menopausal MsM really misses Her periods ........................ NOT !!!!!

MsM's ld
J's KH +1 :D
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Re: Always locked on her period

Post by Onlyhers4ever »

my KH / wife has absolutely no interest in sex during her period so if I am locked going into her period I can count on staying lock for the duration.
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Re: Always locked on her period

Post by Lockedforwife »

So I unlocked Sunday morning and relocked yesterday morning. My wife happened to start some time today and is usually not into anything sexual with her womanly bits during this time. Tonight though shortly before going to bed she really got into making out leading to the removal of her and my bottoms.

I had a vibrator on her clit, and she told me she wanted me inside her but didn’t want me unlocked. I was able to “penetrate” as much as my cage would allow and kept grinding, kissing, and holding the vibrator steady. We came together several minutes later and had a brief talk about what it was like for each of us. She passed out shortly after that.

Man, what deliciously terrible pressure it puts around the ring when there’s a full orgasm with a compressed member. I know my JB is a little too large so that could lead to the increased blood flow on my end.

Anyway I know better than to expect that kind of action during the visit of Aunt Flow. I don’t particularly enjoy cumming in the cage, but I appreciate that she wanted that intimacy at what seemed like such a random time for her.

Still locked 👍🏻
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