What we have here is a failure to communicate...

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What we have here is a failure to communicate...

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Headed to a large public event with family and know they will be checking for metal, so I mention that to my wife, who says, "we will just have to take our chances" or something similar. So, we head out and get to the gate, where we are told to remove anything metallic from our pockets and hold them in our outstretched hands.

With keys in my right hand and my cellphone on my left, the guard sweeps his wand across my front and there is a hit on right pocket and crotch.

He asks if there is anything my right pocket and I remember the tactical pen I clipped there. I remove it and he sweeps again. PING on crotch.

He asks if there is anything in my left pocket...

People are waiting...

My family is waiting...

So, I deftly move my cell phone to my right hand where my pen and keys are, palm the keys in my left hand and place them in the left pocket without him seeing it. I then extract the keys again and he clears me to enter.


So, we get back home several hours later and I ask her did she notice the delay. And she went, "Oh, no! I forgot all about your cage! I thought you were talking about my hip replacement when you asked!"

Life is funny under lock and key.
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