How to go for a full week in chastity?

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Re: How to go for a full week in chastity?

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TwistedMister wrote:
curious_college wrote:
TwistedMister wrote:(Also, what kind of 'reward' are you referring to? The sexual kind? Or something else?)
I am well educated in Psychology (college level) and I have somewhat of a fascination with Pavlovian training techniques, systems of 'reward' and 'punishment' as a means of behavior modification. So, yes, the idea would be a 'sexual reward'- something that brings you sexual pleasure.
Hmm okay
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Re: How to go for a full week in chastity?

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LOL, too much analysis in there, and not enough eroticism?
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Re: How to go for a full week in chastity?

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Interesting thread...

My KH never tells me when I'm going to be let out. She teases at it. Last night I wanted out and wanted to have sex. She fondled me and said "I noticed you didn't do the dishes tonight. Maybe if you get up early and get them done before you go to work I might be in the mood tomorrow."

She doesn't commit herself to any kind of reward in any kind of timeframe. She hints and teases at potential rewards and potential timeframes. I do get rewards sometimes in shorter timeframes and sometimes in longer timeframes. I never know. If I knew I was going to be unlocked this Friday night, I probably wouldn't have gotten up early this morning to do the dishes before I left for work. I might have waited until Friday.

Remember to have fun with your chastity journey. I can't express how much I love not knowing when she's going to let me out or have sex with me or why. She told me she has a system, but I can't figure out if it's how many times I do or don't do the dishes and/or laundry, how many days I'm in, how many orgasms she's had since my last one, etc. So far I haven't been able to reverse-engineer her algorithm. To me, that's fun.

I also agree that it takes a little while for the real horniness to kick in. Day 10 is fun because I thoroughly enjoy being horny for her, but it's really fun if there's been some teasing in days 1-9.
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