An interesting progress report

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An interesting progress report

Post by sirmebane » Tue Sep 13, 2016 2:17 pm

I nervously introduced my wife to the concept of chastity in May 2016, we had our first experimental efforts at the end of that month. We're still going...

Around the start of July, I began tracking some basics of when I was locked, free, teased or allowed to orgasm. It helps me gain perspective and appreciate where I am versus where I have been.

Since the start of July, I just realized that I have only been unlocked for a total of 18 days. For at least six of those days, it was a business trip with international travel involved - not practical.

Specifically, in the last 75 days, I have been locked for 57 days.

If you remove the business travel days and just look at the last 60 days, I have only had 6 days unlocked.

Am I detecting a trend? I have said this repeatedly but I could never have seen how far this has come so fast. I really don't have a need to never have another orgasm again like some here strive to attain, but my future being locked 24/7/365 seems beyond possible, it feels likely. I like who I am when she controls me.
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