Different way to set locked time

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Different way to set locked time

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I was searching for different T&D blogs and found an idea for setting a locked time period. I hadn't heard of it before and because we are always getting questions here about different ways, I thought I share the idea here.

They took the key to the lock, holding it with tweezers, heated the key and inserted it into the bottom of a candle. The release date was when the candle burned down to the point where the key fell out. Whenever the KH wanted to be pleasured the candle was lit. The candle was left burning while he pleasured the KH. The enthusiasm from him and degree of pleasure the KH received determined how long the candle stayed burning after they were done; as you can imagine, both increased

He stated the candle became another form of his frustration. After he was done pleasuring her would watch with anticipation every time his KH headed towards the candle. The burning candle had become another form of T&D. The candle was left in the open and whenever he saw it, it was another reminder of how long he had to wait. The lower the candle got the more exited and frustrated he became.

I did a little checking and found some rough estimates if any are thinking of trying this. A large votive candle will burn about 8 hours. A 3"x3" pillar candle will burn about 50 hours.
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Re: Different way to set locked time

Post by locked4her55 »

That's one of the best ideas I've heard yet. Thanks for sharing.
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Re: Different way to set locked time

Post by Aarkey »

Interesting... ;)
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Re: Different way to set locked time

Post by jfenoffti »

I like it!
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Re: Different way to set locked time

Post by male_pet »

That is a brilliant idea. A very subtle way to entice a nervous keyholder into longer periods of enforced chastity.
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Re: Different way to set locked time

Post by sls01234 »

WOW that could really make for a long lock up. I think I will stick with my wife's Bunco score
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Re: Different way to set locked time

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That's a hot idea! What a great way to light up the excitement! Really turns the wick up on chastity.

I'm feeling very punny today. :lol:
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