If you have done this for a year...

Living the real life under lock and key

How often are you locked up now?

I'm locked a few days at a time
I'm locked a few weeks at a time
I'm locked a few months at a time
I'm locked 24/7 other than fun and maintenance
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Re: If you have done this for a year...

Post by EDAS »

I have gone three months a couple of times without an orgasm though I have fucked my wife during those three months. At other times I have been quite often two months without an orgasm.

My dream is never to have an orgasm again in my whole life though I would penetrate my wife, bring her to orgasm--but never allow myself to have an orgasm, not even a ruined orgasm.

And... I do all of this WITHOUT being locked up.

Oh, and by the way, yes, I do masturbate a lot, but never to completion, i.e. never to the point where I have an orgasm. Never.
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Re: If you have done this for a year...

Post by warwick »

like braddog I am kept locked during the week and unlocked on Friday when she gets home from work. I am usually put back in on sunday nights. if she is not going to be around for a long portion of the weekend or whole weekend I am locked up.
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