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Post by JS_ITR »

so i currently work at a job where my position is at a desk, so im sitting most of the day and i have decided to pursue a carrier as an electrician.

me and my KH decided that im to be locked 24/7 except for play time if that. im locked in the htv2 and for normal activities like walking light jogging and some light work around the house etc i havent had a problem yet

now my question is what kind of jobs/work and what device and how do you cope with it?
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Post by sirmebane »

I have a desk job and cheap (short) chinese cage which works pretty well. If I'm mowing the lawn or jogging, I'm fine.

Heavy labor or crawling under a house might give me pause.
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Post by Grizzly228 »

Same. Desk job but the bulge and my anxiety keeps me from wearing it comfortably unless I have jeans and something loose on top. In reality it hasn't kept me from doing anything though jogging wasn't as enjoyable. Pinching is more of an issue for me when being active.
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Post by Lockedchef »

I spend 60 hours a week in a kitchen. Sweating, bending over, carry 50+ pound cases of potatoes and flour, on my feet all day. Most of the time no problems what so every. When it is really hot in the kitchen and it is a long day I might get a bit of chaffing but that is just life in the kitchen not cage related. I wear a MM Jailbird that fits really well, never had to send it back for adjustments. If it is a well fitting cage there is no reason why it should matter.
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Post by TwistedMister »

I had a job where I was extremely active- lifting and stacking stuff, jumping on and off a forklift repeatedly, in and out of straight trucks and tractor-trailers to move them in and out of the loading dock, crawling under vehicles for maint. and repairs...often at a frenetic pace. I broke two of the hinged rings of the CB-3000, but, otherwise, once you get accustomed to how to move...and learn to wear jeans/pants that are not too tight it's doable.
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Post by Tom Allen »

I think that you'll find this is variable. I've mostly worn a CB3000, and have rarely had issues when working in the yard, or crawling around the shop floor. OTOH, I'm not a plumber or electrician, so YMMV.

For me, I found that jeans and briefs were more supportive and comfortable for *most* situations. But that will depend upon your own anatomy, and what style cage you end up with.
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Post by Small Bits »

I was a plumber so have to negotiate ladders, steps and tight spaces much the same as an electrician and found it uncomfortable at least half the time.

As you can see from my name, I've always had trouble finding something that is both secure and comfortable but I'm hoping to purchase something that I can use 24/7.

Good luck with your new career.
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Post by Caged55 »

I work both in offices and in the field, and I'm wearing a well fitted JB. (My second one). Since the new fit some months ago I've been in literally 24/7 enforced chastity, with the exception if she knows I will do some heavy lifting that day, she will allow me out but insists I re-lock as soon as the "lifting" work is done.
We work in the same company so out-of the-cage time is nearly always supervised.

Generally I haven't had too much trouble with anything, it's gets a bit uncomfortable only when walking or hiking a lot and you get all sweaty and the cage moves down a bit, necessitating having to readjust my balls at times.
Jeans are generally more comfortable, albeit Madam KH makes me go "commando" (without briefs) when I wear shorts
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Post by cycling2work »

i wear my MCN Contender 24/7 including a daily comute on a bike (2x16km). With cycle clothes, shortsh, swimming trunks. I work in an office.

Harder then the day are the nights - but I am finally at only one to maximal 2 night time peeings (to calm down the erection)
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Post by braddogg4345 »

I work a job where I am working outdoors in the heat and walking for extended periods of time. I have never really had any discomfort issues with my Jailbird. Sometimes urinating while standing up can be tricky. I need to find a secluded spot because I need to drop my pants down to my knees! LOL.
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