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Conflicting hormones

Posted: Sun Dec 20, 2015 5:37 am
by belocked
I've done it again :) My KH will unlock me when she's horny and ready for PIV, but when she starts getting horny I want to give her a helping hand. Last night I gave her another O, and this morning she said that she had been planning to release me today but isn't horny any more so I'll have to wait. I've been locked 24/7 for more than a month and I'm looking forward to exploding inside her, but last night I really wanted to see her excited. At least I'm not suffering post-O blues, but I sometimes wonder why I do this to myself.

Re: Conflicting hormones

Posted: Sun Dec 20, 2015 12:42 pm
by locked4her55
:lol: Join the Club

Re: Conflicting hormones

Posted: Sun Dec 20, 2015 5:13 pm
by Jedi
Yesterday morning wife allowed me to lick her to an orgasm. While we were cuddling afterwords she looked at me and told me "You know, between my toys and your tongue, I really don't need to unlock you again." This is something she has said in the past, but simply for teasing purposes. But she followed it up by saying "I'm serious this time. Between the use of toys that fill me so much they make you feel too small and the intimacy I feel with oral, I haven't missed having you in me since I locked you up last May. I guess you got what you wanted."

Of course, I had to open my mouth and say something stupid in response... "As long as your happy, I don't need to be free again."

Re: Conflicting hormones

Posted: Mon Dec 21, 2015 3:23 am
by johnsub
Sounds familiar

The evening often starts of promising, i lick front and back at her request.
Based on the promise of release, then between the magic-wand me she O's so well.

That she has no need to release me and makes that very clear.
And if i beg to much to the point that it effects her sleep, i end up in the guest room.

As a group we should start a lawsuit against Hitachi, LOL.

Re: Conflicting hormones

Posted: Wed Dec 23, 2015 9:34 pm
by Caged55
:lol: .... a group action lawsuit of men in chastity against Hitachi.... LOL

All sounds too familiar too, I'm so ready and she "cools down" and I stay locked 24/7, with "potential promises" of .. "why dont we wait for the weekend!.. and when the weekend rolls on, O's and vibrators , but then who is complaining, this is what we signed up for :D