Who has gotten started in your 50s

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Re: Who has gotten started in your 50s

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Started a year and a half ago. I'm 55 now.
I was recovering from depression at the time. I found it hard to perform. Anxiety issues, the relationship was never at risk but it wasn't as good as we both knew it should be. My wife has always been the center of my world and I her rock. But things didn't fit right.
I truly believe this has helped, in every way. if anything our relationship is better now than it has been since those first few years a couple of decades ago.

My wife isn't good about changes, Kinks etc and Catholic roots don't help. So it wasn't easy.
But changes have happened and all for the better. Very Very slowly, and not in ways I had expected. I wear a cage, my wife has the key (currently) but I am not chaste (I think?) , we have more sex not less. More a vanilla version of chastity with some very non vanilla add ons?.
Go for it. But very slowly and gently. See where it ends up rather than trying to steer it.
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Re: Who has gotten started in your 50s

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I was 61 when I started. I believe that chastity devices do an outstanding job of keeping an older guy's sex drive alive and well.
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Re: Who has gotten started in your 50s

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We got started in our 40s. My interest really but taken up by my wife. What a revelation. I love to be unlocked and pleasured. But only when she wants to. The frustration is engulfing me. So horny. Does anyone here get the whole thing?
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Re: Who has gotten started in your 50s

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Bought my first chastity device in my early 30's and played with it alone but was way too embarrassed to introduce it to my wife. Bought a gates of hell device made of metal and leather that was too big here and too small there so it was a waste. When I hit 49 my chastity longing found the right forums and I started buying cheap Chinese cages and let me wife in on what I wanted to do.
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Re: Who has gotten started in your 50s

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I started at 55. I have been into Femdom all of my life but I had just started to see a proliferation of chastity in the last 5 years or so and finally got up the courage to try it.
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