Travel concept

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Travel concept

Post by Papageno »

I recently saw an explicit caption ... al-mistake which gave me an idea for travelers with Steel cages.
Provided that the padlock has enough spare keys, the KH may lock some keys with individual combination padlocks. Then, each time hubby has to go for a security check, KH texts him the combination of one padlock, so that he can free its bird. Once cleared by security hubby has to relock himself together with the "used" key(s), and send corresponding picture to KH as relocking evidence.
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Re: Travel concept

Post by carolina cyclist »

That will work for those who still use padlocks. For those of us with integrated locks...not so much. MrsL and I are working out the steps for my upcoming two week trip to Europe. I will post our method upon return with how successful it was.
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Re: Travel concept

Post by Caged55 »

My KH locks me into a CB3000 (with a plastic numbered lock) for the air travel part of it, and once we land its back into the JB... simple, no debate, no masturbation whilst on long haul flights ... just total KH control.
I must say I am happy to be back in my JB versus the CB3k
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Re: Travel concept

Post by lockedsteve »

I am not locked up when I leave my house. There is no reason for it. Chastity is a sex game for us so we make our own rules and one of those rules is to suspend chastity play when we leave our house. My wife does not bring her cane and whips either. She used to but we have left one too many sex toys behind in hotel rooms in the past.
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Re: Travel concept

Post by no early release »

Hi there. i recently had to go to China on buisness for a month and my KH very specifically didn't want me to be allowed erection or orgasm whilst away from her. I wear a Steelworxx looker 24/7 with an average lock up of around 2-4 weeks at a time, depending on how she is feeling. m wife and KH is going through the menopause and rarely feels like PIV sex so I am only allowed up to 12 orgasms per annum. My device has integrated PA lock ensuring absolutely no escape whatsoever. To avoid any awkward questions at customs - especially in China- she released me, then gave me the device and a key to travel with in my case. As soon as I was at my hotel I locked up. took photos with the day's newspaper and the time on the hotel tv, and e-mailed the photos to her for proof. I then posted the key back to the UK, followed by another photo proof e-mail. Three weeks later and having researched the timing very carefully (it was my responsibility to do all of the research of course) my KH posted a key to my hotel reception.
The key arrived back to me on the morning I was due to fly back to the UK, hence i was able to unlock and fly back without having palpitations. This method needs careful planning of course but additionally there is the fear factor of potentially 'losing' a key or it not arriving, this fear was most welcome and occupied my thoughts most of the time whilst in dull business meetings!
If any other methods seem to be failsafe then I'd love to improve my future experience.
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